Trader Joe’s Salad Palette Turkey Harvest Reviews

(4 customer reviews)

With sweet potatoes, turkey breast, brussels sprouts, kale, spinach, cranberries, and apple cider vinaigrette.


4 reviews for Trader Joe’s Salad Palette Turkey Harvest Reviews

  1. Anonymous

    It was the most delicious salad I’ve ever had.

  2. Duke

    The best salad they have ever made. A real shame it’s seasonal.

  3. Lara

    The most delicious salad!! Kick it up a notch by adding some honeycrisp apples and crumbled goat cheese.

  4. LG

    I took this salad apart and put it onto a plate. I was shocked at how little turkey is actually in it, maybe a thumb-sized amount of turkey. The sweet potatoes are undercooked, as are the brussels sprouts. I finished cooking them in the microwave on a separate plate. I thought the raw kale was bitter and tough. I removed all the sweetened cranberries because they totaled up to 16 g of sugar, or about 4 teaspoons of sugar. Not a good idea when we’re in the middle of an obesity epidemic. I didn’t use the salad dressing packet and I used olive oil and balsamic vinegar instead. Next time I will read the label before purchasing. You can make a better salad yourself.

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