Trader Joe’s Rosemary Italian Style Crackers Reviews

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39 reviews for Trader Joe’s Rosemary Italian Style Crackers Reviews

  1. Patricia Bray

    My familyLoves these crackers, particularly when paired with Traders Italian Truffle cheese. My husband has been looking for them for a couple weeks and couldn’t find them in two different Trader Joe’s. The rosemary and olive oil make these super good with your favorite cheese. I hope they aren’t discontinuing these. My family will be very sad

  2. Shari Dearing

    I agree! These are fantastic! I couldn’t find them on the shelf at my local Trader Joe’s, so I asked. Someone looked it up and said they couldn’t tell for sure – none on order, but didn’t say discontinued. My family will be very sad, too! Please keep them coming!

  3. Stephanie

    We love to snack on these with cheese. My Trader Joe’s told me they were discontinued. I’m hoping it’s not true!

  4. Guy Swentek

    We have enjoyed these delicious crackers for many years. They are always selling-out of them so I’m sure they are a strong seller. I don’t understand corporate discontinuing such an excellent product.

  5. Jim S

    We can’t find crackers like these anywhere else and bought several packages at least twice a week. They are a must for low fat diets. We hope TJ will bring them back!

  6. Diane Bell

    Plz bring this product back. They are excellent and I have no idea why trader Joes have discontinued them. They always sold quickly.

  7. Josann Valley

    These crackers are delicious. Please bring them back@

  8. Wendy

    These are my very favorite crackers! Please bring them back.

  9. Julie

    All my friends and family love these crackers and we miss them! Please, please, please bring these crackers back to your stores!

  10. Alyssa D

    The most amazing crackers!! Why have they been discontinued??? Please bring them back!!

  11. Richard

    These crackers are great! After looking for them at numerous TJ’s, we were so disappointed when told they were discontinued!! I hope you will consider bring them back!

  12. Robert

    I’m bummed! We buy these 3 and 4 packages at a time. Please don’t discontinue!

  13. BJ Brown

    PLEASE DO NOT DISCONTINUE! our local store said they are not available….we LOVE these and there are no other like it! (Note that Amazon still has a few boxes….at $20 each!)
    Please consider restocking these for all your Rosemary cracker fans at my Trader Joe’s….. thank you! 🙂

  14. Wei-Jing Wan

    I agree, these crackers are delicious. Bring them back!!

  15. Peggy Kinsey

    Yes they are delicious!! My store said they were discontinued ;-( Why would you discontinue a product that is clearly so many peoples favorite? Please bring Trader Giotto’s Rosemary Italian Style Crackers back!! Thank you.

  16. O.

    I have been buying these crackers for years as these are the best of all crackers with rosemary i ever tried. I was hugely disappointed, when last time i came to the store specifically to restock on these crackers and was told that the item got discontinued! Please bring them back in stores! The same story happened to Italian Rosemary Ham few years ago, which was discontinued all over sudden, but now it is back on the shelves. Why would not the Trader’s Joe ask the customer opinion first before discontinuing the favorite items?

  17. Manamo

    We love these and just heard news they discontinued back in March!!!!!! We usually bring a few boxes back to Canada for my mom who is a super fan of these.. please bring them back!!!

  18. Sarah Travis

    I’ve been checking the shelves for months and finally asked and was told that these crackers have been discontinued? Please bring them back. They were the best cracker for snacking on plain or with cheese, salami and a glass or two of wine. They were such good value. Please, please consider bringing them back.

  19. Robin Stein

    Please bring these back. I love these crackers. I just bought Stonewall because they are no longer available at my Trader Joe’s. Stonewall are awful. Please reconsider and brings these crackers back.

  20. Francis Farnsworth

    Bring them back TJ! The current cracker selection SUX

  21. Linda M. Fisher

    Please bring these crackers back. They are delicious. I eat them everyday with a TJ goat cheese spread. Also serve them to company who always go out and purchase them after having them.
    There is no other cracker that compares.
    Thank you

  22. Leslie Guillen

    These crackers are fabulous!! Trader Joe’s must bring them back!!! Please.

  23. Sarah

    Please please bring these crackers back. they were a staple for my wine and cheese nights

  24. Randy Beckett

    Yes, it is a shame that Trader Joe’s no longer sells these and that they are the exclusive sale & distributer of this product. Soup and crackers won’t be the same! They should consider at least an opportunity for us to place a final order so we can stock up on these.

  25. Terri

    These have been absolutely my favorite crackers, bar none. I also like the gluten free crispbread. Those are the only 2 types of crackers I buy. I really need you to bring back the Rosemary Italian style cracker. Please!

  26. Mark & Kyle Tucson

    What is wrong with TJ’s?? These have been our favorite savory rosemary low salt crispy cracker FOR YEARS!!!! They always sold like “hotcakes”. We too were devastated when we were informed that they were being discontinued. Talk about shooting yourself in the foot!( GET THEM BACK PLEEEASE!!!

  27. Janet Bean

    I love these and now not available. Big Bummer….Please Please Please bring them back!!!!

  28. Mk

    Please bring these crackers back. They are my favorite for everything crackers!

  29. Stephanie Magrini

    These crackers were the BEST! I have no idea why they were discontinued by Trader Joe’s. They are so versatile and with excellent flavor. Other crackers break down in soup, losing their texture, while these still hold their form and are fantastic! I am not the only reviewer feeling like something great was pulled by Trader Joe’s. Please remedy this and bring the great Rosemary Italian Style Crackers back for your customers.

  30. Lindsay

    Please bring these back! These were our favorite for snacking on with a cheese plate by the pool here in AZ! Light, crispy, somewhat healthy for most diets! Ugh sooo angry about this!!

  31. Amir Guerouate

    I loved them but plz bring them back!

  32. Amir Guerouate

    I loved them but please bring them back!

  33. Karen

    I agree with everyone above. They were the BEST, and a classy cracker, yummy with cheese and wine, or just alone. Fantastic flavor. I was told by my store that they were discontinued because people complained of broken crackers….Just an FYI–I never had a broken cracker in my box, and wouldn’t care if I did–it’s flatbread.

  34. Amir

    Please bring them back they were sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo good.

  35. LM

    These were the BEST! Why haven’t they been brought back yet??? I have stopped shopping at Trader Joe’s because these aren’t there anymore. Think about that TJ!

  36. Bob K

    These Rosemary Italian Style crackers were truly a favorite. TJs, please bring them back to our store shelves.

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  39. Samad Khan

    I want to open a wholesale account and want to buy your product in bulk quantity.

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