Trader Joe’s Roasted & Unsalted Pumpkin Seeds Reviews

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6 reviews for Trader Joe’s Roasted & Unsalted Pumpkin Seeds Reviews

  1. John Allen

    These are fantastic. When I bought them I wasn’t sure if they were shelled or not, and their being black seemed odd, but they are indeed lacking shells (I think!) and are very easy to chew. Plus, they taste great! They also have tons of protein, more even than peanuts per 1/4 cup (11 -vs- 8).

  2. Bernice

    Bring this product back! This is delicious and super healthy. The salted version is too salty – it’s going to raise our BP!

  3. dan devine

    Haven’t seen them on the shelf for a while. I want them back.

  4. carol

    These are the absolute BEST of all of Trader Joe’s pumpkin seeds. Why on earth have they discontinued them? ? ? ? I HAVEN’T SEEN THEM FOR WELL OVER A YEAR.
    I have friends and family from New York to Indiana keeping their eyes out for them. Ready to pounce. But no luck, nohow, nowhere.
    BRING THEM BACK ! ! ! ! ASAP ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !

  5. Micki

    So disappointed I can no longer find these! It’s the 2nd product in recent months that TJ’s has discontinued, and I love them.! I have been buying them raw and roasting them myself in the oven, but it was so great to just get them off the shelf that way.

  6. Kim

    There are certain products that should.never be discontinued. The Roasted & Salted Pumpkin seeds are a staple for most people following a healthy diet. Other stores offering pumpkin coat them in a disgusting heavy oil. Come on TJs, don’t force products on us that we don’t want. Bring back the pumpkin seeds!

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