Ritter Sport Dark Chocolate with Hazelnut Reviews

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Fine quality European chocolate made with natural ingredients.

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13 reviews for Ritter Sport Dark Chocolate with Hazelnut Reviews

  1. sandra

    Made a flourless choc. cake, using these…superb !!!

  2. Bhappu Xerxes

    A damn good chocolate with just the right ingredients!!

  3. Judy

    Love this chocolate bar. Bring it back!

  4. Shura

    i went to Trader Joe’s 2 days ago,and wanted to buy my all time favorite Ritter sport.Couldn’t find it.Asked the employee.She checked in the computer,and turned out it has been discontinued.My question is why??? Please,bring it back.Everybody looooooves Ritter Sport.

  5. Lara

    These are utterly perfect. An employee told me the discontinuation has to do with import issues from Covid. Not sure if it’s true, but that is what he told me.

  6. Emily Volz

    These are the best chocolate bars available anywhere, from what I can tell. I was told today that they have been discontinued! NOOOOO Say it ain’t so Joe!

  7. Ben Treiber

    To whomever at Trader Joe’s made the decision to discontinue this fine product; please explain! Don’t make me start shopping Aldi’s or Walmart.

  8. Philip Williams

    Please bring back and restock the Ritter Sport dark chocolate with hazelnuts! None of the products you have placed it with on your selves compares with it.

  9. Marie

    I would also like to see Ritter Sport dark hazelnut back at my local trader Joe’s. That was my favorite splurge. I don’t like shipping at other stores. Please bring it back.

  10. Shar

    Ritter Sport Hazelnut DARK chocolate is what motivated me to shop regularly @Trader Joe’s. Seriously! It’s no longer important to shop at TJs since I’m NOT able to buy THE BEST dark chocolate hazelnut bars in USA, Germany… Simple ingredients that justify a satisfying, nutritious treat!
    I no longer bother to shop TJ regularly now. NO better chocolate available at fair price.
    Stupid decision to stop selling Ritter’s top-quality product.

  11. Shar

    I started buying Ritter Sport Dark chocolate hazelnut bars @ Publix on sale for little more than T.J.s had been charging. Trader Joe’s “buyers” who select products to stock in store must not be able to recognize a superior product such as this one.

  12. Joe

    It’s a shame., I’ve been buying Ritter Sport bars at TJ’s ever since going to their 1st store. You are owned by a German company: Was ist los?

  13. Fitsum

    Hilfe!!! Wo ist my ritter sport shokolade geblieben?

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