Trader Joe’s Rhubarb & Strawberry Soda Reviews

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7 reviews for Trader Joe’s Rhubarb & Strawberry Soda Reviews

  1. Grace E Ackerman

    Very low calorie for a soda, great taste, and not too sweet. As soon as I had my first one I ran up to the store and bought two more packs. Good stuff!

  2. Marta

    I served it at a casual dinner. One guest with an adventurous (adventuresome?) palate didn’t care for it. I think if rhubarb isn’t your thing, then the distinctive rhubarb note is a tad distracting. So just 3 stars from me.

  3. Sabrina matharu

    Really Loved this. Never bought it before and was never aware this was sold at my local Trader Joe’s but now I will be buying this all the time. I loved the sweetness of the strawberry and the tangy other flavors. So refreshing and crispy when served cold!

  4. L.Shondell.

    Tried the 8oz at the checkout, today, great sales pitch idea. I remember trying it once some time ago and I didn’t care for it, it was in a 16oz. This time around I guess my taste buds were in more of generous mode, but this time around it was very tasty, I do plan on purchasing more. I really like the 8 oz.

  5. Nala

    This is my favorite drink from Trader Joe’s and I must say I was scared I wasn’t going to enjoy it buttttt I loveeee it

  6. Hud

    I love Trader Joe’s inventing new things. The problem is that they bring these great things to their shelves and then taketh away. ;-( . They’ve done this with Parmesan Truffle Cheese puffs. And i still lament the removal of their French Caneles. Those were perfection in two bites. If they take away the Strawberry Rhubarb soda, I will go insane. Please TJ, never do this.

  7. Kelly

    I find these pretty gross on their own; somehow it’s cloying without actually being sweet, which is impressive but not a compliment. But they really shine as a mixer, including for non-alcoholic spirits! I mix one can with 2 oz Pentire Seaward & it gives the non-alc spirit more body & the soda flavors become tasty and balanced. I also heard it works great as a mixer with vodka, gin, and cognac.

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