Trader Joe’s Retinol Night Serum Reviews

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Dermatologist formulated with baobab seed oil. Contains 0.3% retinol. Avoid contact with eyes, eye lids, and lips.

Directions: Apply 2 to 3 pumps nightly to face and neck on clean dry skin. Start slowly by using twice per week and increase usage as your skin tolerates. Apply moisturizer nightly after each use to help prevent excessive dryness. Apply a broad-spectrum sunscreen daily.

Ingredients: water, propanediol, caprylic/capric triglyceride, polyglyceryl-4 laurate/succinate, sorbitan oleate, sodium ascorbate, tocopherol, sodium hyaluronate, phenoxyethanol, ammonium acryloyldimetyltaurate/VP copolymer, retinol (vitamin A), ethylhexylglycerin, citric acid, adansonia digitata (baobab) seed oil, phospholipids, retinyl palmitate (vitamin A palmitate), ascorbyl palmitate (vitamin c palmitate), salicylic acid, sorbic acid.

12 reviews for Trader Joe’s Retinol Night Serum Reviews

  1. Kristen

    Love it! Feels amazing, no stinky smell, improves my wrinkles around my eyes…. And fantastic bang for the buck!

  2. Lizzy

    Will absolutely buy again. I have been looking for something to help clear my skin that is cruelty free and this has done the trick. I have tried so many serums that have helped, but not cleared my skin completely. This however, has cleared my skin and healed my dark scars from previous acne. 10/10 would recommend

  3. Anonymous

    initially it dried my skin even if with thin layer of jojoba oil , but after my skin got used to it (~ 1 month), it was fine. no scent. can’t tell if it improves wrinkles yet. I don’t use much, just 1 pump to avoid the dryness. Maybe that’s why I can’t tell if it improves wrinkles.

  4. Isabelle

    I’m really loving this nite serum. Does it mean it’s working well if I notice my skin almost peeling off in very tiny fine flakes? I think if this is happening that the serum is doing it’s thing. Totally love this product

  5. Diane G

    This is really working for me! Dark spots have diminished significantly. Skin pealed after a week of use, but I should have started slow like the directions say. Now use every night before patting on moisturizer. Wake up with skin renewed!

  6. Angie Morris

    Much stronger than I thought! My face is used to tretinoin, but my neck/chest are not. To be fair, I was a bit aggressive with application, applying each night for about a week. Suddenly I had what felt like raw scratches on my neck and a raw rash on my chest. I’m waiting for it to peel off/clear up, and it’s pretty uncomfortable. We’ll see how it looks once it clears up, but I’m assuming with that kind of response, the ingredients are quite active! When I start using it again, I will use it more sparingly and with a moisturizer.

  7. Jan Shelley

    I love Trader Joe’s!! But at age 67 I have never had one allergy in my life.
    After applying the serum last night for the first time I woke up to what
    looks like a burn, dark red & peeling skin, I’ll stick with their antioxidant gel facial serum

  8. Celia Gonzalez

    I had same reaction as Jan
    Especially, around check
    Bones , felt like a burn. Face felt especially
    Dry after using product for
    About 3 nights .

  9. Melissa

    I’m 74, blonde, fair-skinned, and have darker skin on my face, hands and forearms. This is from lots of sun exposure in the 1950s and 1960s (we didn’t know then). While the only real problem with my face is the darker colour, my forearms and hands were worse. My hands became covered with dark age spots in my late 50s, but nightly applications of castor oil completely got rid of them. But my arms and hands still had pale freckles. My forearms were crepey and crusty on the outer sides. For over a year, I’ve used the serum on my face, arms and hands every other night. I use castor oil on the nights in between. Everything is more even toned now. The crepeyness and hard crusty skin is much improved. My arms now look like they did when I was 60. My hands are still darker than my forearms, though. It’s a big improvement, but at this rate I won’t be happy for another two years. I use this serum because I don’t react badly to it — and I have the most sensitive skin.

  10. Lynne

    Tried a few TJ’s skin products and have been very pleased ! I’ve never used retinol and decided to give it a try. My skin looks beautiful, wrinkle free and very smooth. My dark spots have also diminished. After I put it on at night, I put a night cream over it. I’m fair skinned and in my early 70’s. Thank you TJ’s I love this product !

  11. Margaret

    I love all of Trader Joe’s skin products. I’ve just started the Retinol Night Serum using it two nights a week until my skin gets use to it. Due to it being retinol, yes I have woken up with pink cheeks but no burning or other side effects. I use the TJ moisturizer afterwards. Although I’m a big castor oil person and I am going to give Melissa’s tip on the sun spots from all my past time in the sun enjoying water and horseback riding

  12. Janice A Scott

    Not sure yet. It is affecting the bags under my eyes negatively. I never had bags til I tried this! I am hoping it will calm down and I will avoid that area. Otherwise ok but I was hoping to look younger not ten years older….

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