Trader Joe’s Raspberry & Vanilla Cream Bars Reviews

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6 reviews for Trader Joe’s Raspberry & Vanilla Cream Bars Reviews

  1. Shelly

    These are sooo addicting. Absolutely delicious and the red portion tastes like fresh raspberries. The raspberry version is soft & smooth, the mango version is not. Well, the ice cream part of the mango one is smooth, but the fruit part is hard like a popsicle (still very delicious).

  2. Baker

    The raspberry was good, but it was a little weird. The bars are individually wrapped in plastic, and there’s no stick to hold. So either you dump them out onto a plate, which is weird, or you smoosh them through end of the plastic wrapper, which is also weird.

  3. Jane Sharp

    I just tried the raspberry vanilla cream bars for the first time. They were so icy (almost entirely ice crystals) that I assume they were thawed and refrozen several times. Overall a big disappointment. The vanilla and raspberry were kind of mixed together – no clear demarcation color wise – and I guess the thaw/refreeze cycle could result in that. Maybe it was the store’s fault (Bailys Crossroads, Virginia) but I paid for them and got stuck. The only pro comment – they were cold. Otherwise they were an absolute ripoff IMO.

  4. sam

    delicious, but they are half the size they used to be. not worth the price anymore

  5. Julia

    Yeah, so the raspberry cream bars were absolutely creamy and addicting, on both sides. I tried the mango version agreeing with Shelly, it wasn’t as creamy and had a more raw mango taste to it, and the cream side wasn’t as big. I still love the raspberry one the most!

  6. Anon

    These are so good! The cream is so good with fresh vanilla paste and the raberry part is amazing and taste so fresh and sweet! only problem was no popsicle stick.

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