Trader Joe’s Quick Cook Organic Brown Basmati Rice Reviews

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15 reviews for Trader Joe’s Quick Cook Organic Brown Basmati Rice Reviews

  1. Wes

    Eh. This is okay, but not super appetizing. Interesting to try brown basmati rice (as opposed to “regular” brown rice), but I wouldn’t eat it again without seasoning or sauce.

  2. Dan

    I found that this product has a musty taste/smell, and that seasonings and sauce do not cover it up or make it any less objectionable, unfortunately. I am going to toss the rest of the bag.

  3. VeronikaC

    Might be okay if they put the right directions on the bag. Too much water and consequently it takes too long to cook off the excess water, and you end up with water logged rice. Next time I’ll try half as much water.

  4. Wendy

    Horrible. Smell is really bad. I have cooked brown basmati rice in bulk from other stores, the long way (30 minutes), never had an issue. The first time I tried this I rinsed the rice, the second time I did not. It was gross both times. Supposed to be “quick-cook”, but not only does it not absorb water, the odor is really sickening. Dumped both batches in disposal.

  5. Holly

    Totally surprised by the reviews! I do think the directions call for a little too much water, but I think this is great! Of course, I always use rice with dishes that have sauces, but to me it tastes fine and has a nice texture and soooo nice to have a whole grain rice that is ready so quickly. The nutrition of brown rice is decidedly better, but I often don;t have the time to cook it. This has becoem a staple at our house

  6. Janet

    Yuk! Doesn’t taste good. Didn’t realize I was buying “instant” rice. Not like regular white or brown basmati rice.

  7. Margaret

    Love this rice!! Tastes great and comes out perfect every time! It’s so nice to have such good and reliable quick rice available.

  8. DeeCeeBoston

    I wonder if the negative reviews are related to struggling with instructions… Most folks know to rinse rice, and adjust water for altitude…. But I’ve never had an issue with this rice, it always comes out great, no matter what. Other types of rice I’ve made seemed to be so fussy; easily overcooked or undercooked.. This rice is impossible to mess up. And it made switching from white rice easy, it doesn’t have a super-strong flavor and kernels that you’ll be chewing into old-age. Love it!

  9. Fahreen Ramjee

    This was our family’s favorite quick cook brown rice! Has this product been discontinued? Haven’t seen it in a while and we miss it!!

  10. Wanda

    I love this rice. So far, it’s the best brown rice that I’ve tasted & it cooks faster! I usually add a little rice vinegar to the water and it comes out perfectly.
    I was informed yesterday that it was discontinued at Trader Joe’s…

  11. Marie D.

    This is my favorite quick-cooking rice. It has the good nutrition of brown rice and the convenience of cooking relatively quickly, without the mushy texture of instant rice or the added oil of the microwave pouches. I always had to cook it a little longer and with a little less water than what the instructions on the package called for, though. Unfortunately I haven’t been able to find it in my local store for months. I don’t know if this is due to the common “supply chain issues” that are impacting so many things these days or if it’s been discontinued. I hope it comes back.

  12. Carol DiSanto

    We love this rice, but have been unable to find it in months. We just finished our last bag. I used to travel to buy it before we finally got a local Trader Joe’s. Is it still available? The manager of our local store told me he has not received any kn quite awhile.

  13. Li

    Purchased in November 2022, rancid by mid January 2023, best by date April 2023. Didn’t notice the rancid smell before cooking. Rinsed well and cooked up. Blech!! No issues with the cooking directions, just that the rice was rancid, sure enough, smelled what was left in the bag and it smelled rancid. In general brown rice will get rancid due to oils in the kernal… the parboiling treatment may make it more likely to go bad?

  14. Alison Massa

    I was devastated to find this morning that you have discontinued this rice. I have been cooking it for years and it’s always got compliments. Ut’s definitely the best and easiest I ever used and I cannot understand the negative reviews here. I store the rice in a large Italian hermetically sealed glass jar (as I do with all my dry bulk grains and beans) and it keeps indefinitely.

  15. CM

    One of the only TJ’s products I’ve loathed. Yuck. Unlike most who mention the rancid flavor profile (I cooked in chicken stock with chopped onions..) the offensive thing was the texture. I love most all rices, especially brown rice. This was as bad as Minute Rice (and yes I like Uncle Bens) — the sort of spongy, air-pocket filled texture. I’m returning it, and I never do that (at TJ’s) unless a product like milk or bread is spoiled before the sell by date

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