Trader Joe’s Pugliese Bread Reviews

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6 reviews for Trader Joe’s Pugliese Bread Reviews

  1. Miguel Praca

    Trader Joe’s Puglise bread is my favorite bread and I thought I would not have to ever live without it. I always buy extra and keep two frozen loaves that taste and as good as fresh after defrosting and warmed up in a toaster oven. Unfortunately I just found out that it has been discontinued. When I inquired about it the answer was something about switching to larger suppliers that provide more SKUs. So product quality and customer preference were irrelevant to the decision. So goes Walmart…

  2. Michael A Ognibene

    Trader Joe’s Pugliese’s bread is the best bread I’ve been able to find on this side of the Atlantic Ocean. We drive 50 miles to the Trader Joe’s near Cleveland just to buy it.

  3. Trader Fan PDX

    Best Bread Ever… Pair with your favorite cheese or simply Dip in Olive Oil (and/or Balsamic). Can be used in many sandwich variations where the bread is the hero…

    Has been available for as long as I can remember and still available in the Pacific Northwest. Comes Quartered from a Larger Loaf and available at a Value Price Point. Others charge far more for a weaker Pugliese variation.

  4. Jonesy

    I make a wonderful round loaf of crusty, holey bread. This is so close to being as good, and so much less trouble, that I’ve pretty much quit baking and buy this instead. It’s also so cheap, it’s turned into my go-to bread for everything–sandwiches, cheese boards, toast…you name it. My main delight is that it’s NOT sourdough, as everything seems to be these days–I just don’t like the flavor of sourdough. And my main problem with it is I eat so much of it, I run out too fast and have to keep driving back to TJ’s to buy more!

  5. Ray Velati

    I have been hooked on Pugliese bread for the past thirty years (yes,30). The Santa Rosa, CA. is not stocking Pugliese bread at this time. When will this item be restocked ? I usually buy six or seven loaves at a tine and stock it in my freezer. In the i[nteerim I am buying Chibatta bread instead but still prefer the Pugliese as I can detect a a better taste very easily.

  6. Shirley Wilson

    Really, really upset to discover my Trade Joe’s in Falls Church, VA no longer carries the pugliese bread I’ve been eating for years. Wish some consideration had been given to buyers before abrupt termination one gathers for the stand now containing all types of ciabatta rolls, loaves, etc. which I hope turns out to be a gigantic failure. Bring back the pugliese!

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