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16 reviews for Trader Joe’s Prepared Horseradish Reviews

  1. Ginny

    this is the best horseradish ever. Intense heat that holds for weeks after the jar is opened.
    I am currently unable to get it at my Trader Joe’s in Hyannis,Ma which is a major difficulty when making shrimp cocktail sauce.

  2. Anonymous

    I just went to my Trader Joe’s to get a jar of Horseradish and they said they discontinued it 🙁 I am so sad, that was excellent. Hard to find good horseradish

  3. Jill Timmons

    I just went to buy some and found out they discontinued it! HORRIBLE! This was the best stuf!

  4. Nick

    Why can’t TJ get this back in stock???????????? The best ever

  5. Devraj Sharma

    My wife and I have used and relied upon Trader Joe’s prepared horseradish since 1994. This product has been unparalleled in quality and taste. We are shocked and saddened that Trader Joe’s has decided to discontinue it, without notice or explanation. Some explanation for their decision would be helpful to all customers, especially loyal, regular ones!

  6. Martha Wisneski

    I had been using Morehouse forever, until I tried TJ’s! It’s all I use and now I find it’s been discontinued. WHY? It’s absolutely the best I’ve ever had, by far! Why would TJ’s discontinue an item that is so well liked? I am so very disappointed. Please, please bring it back!

  7. Lynn

    I am so unhappy that I can no longer get the best ever horseradish at your stores.

    The horseradish aioli is an excellent product but is not substitute for plain horseradish that is necessary for many other purposes. It is a required ingredient in shrimp cocktail sauce. PLEASE bring it back!
    Lynn, Cape Cod,Ma

  8. Bob

    Ditto. I miss this product.

  9. darryl cass

    there goes ANOTHER favorite TJ product. over the years there have been several favorites that have been discontinued. every time i ask why, the answer is, if there even IS an answer, “that manufacturer stopped making it”. you routinely state that you scour the planet looking for the perfect manufacturer to make your products YOUR way. so scour the god-damned planet and find a replacement. buy the recipe from that old manufacturer (who obviously no longer needs it) and get somebody else to make it…or offer that recipe to your patrons to make for themselves!

  10. BobbieGWhiz

    Was the hottest horseradish I ever encountered. Simply the best. A tragedy that it is no longer available. Truly missed.

  11. Bill

    Yes, it was the best Horseradish. Every time I find something I like it gets discontinued.

  12. Kathleen D.

    I totally agree with all the above!!! It really was the BEST horseradish ever and ,at least I’ve found, lots of my favorites become discontinued which is so frustrating!

  13. Attila Szendrodi

    I don’t remember TJ’s EVER having horseradish.

  14. Chad

    Please bring it back

  15. Barbara

    WHY DID YOU DICONTUINUE HORSERADISH???¿. It’s a common and necessary ingredient! Now I have to go to another store just to get the horseradish. Or maybe I’ll get ALL my groceries at the other store. Think of your customers. You’re making some of us angry!

  16. John

    Was the best. Sorry to see it go but I understand that you can’t carry everything. I only go to other stores for what TJ’s doesn’t sell.

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