Trader Joe’s Porcini Mushroom Lasagna Reviews

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11 reviews for Trader Joe’s Porcini Mushroom Lasagna Reviews

  1. Lulu

    This was really good for a microwaveable product! I loved the taste of the mushrooms, and the whole dish was, again, surprisingly delicious for coming out of a freezer. Viva La Porcini Mushroom Lasagna!

  2. donna

    knowing that this type of food tastes better done in an oven than in a microwave, i made it in my toaster oven until the top and sides were browned and crispy. It was excellent.

  3. Anonymous

    This is delicious!

  4. Jessie

    So disappointed! The lasagna looks and smells good, but in the end I found it tasting a bit like cardboard. Bland is the main word I’d use to describe it. I love mushrooms and TJ’s mushroom fries are one of my favorite foods so I was looking forward to this. I cooked it in the oven, and some of the noodles remained hard. I think for a microwaved meal this is decent, and probably would have been less disappointed if I’d cooked it that way, but it’s not good for a Trader Joes product you cooked in the oven

  5. Anonymous

    Yummy lunch for a great price! Only tried making it in the microwave.

  6. Ian

    There aren’t any actual mushrooms, just lasagna with porcini flavored goop. More cheese would be nice.

  7. Mady

    Would not purchase again. The smell and flavor was good, but the texture was awful, very globby and gelatinous! Not worth it.

  8. Ariel

    I cooked as per directions in the oven because I am averse to using microwaves. This product was splendid! Earthy, (but not dirty) mushroom flavor and the noodles al dente with the perfect amount of dryness (so as to give it a very good crisp) as some of the moisture had evaporated. The slightly smoky smell, however, left me surprised it hadn’t burnt. Love this product, but I wouldn’t indulge too often. Still, much better than stouffers and perfect for me or anyone avoiding tomato/nightshades

  9. Cecelia

    I love Trader Joes Porcini Mushroom Lasagna but they just stopped selling it at the Trader Joes in Lake Grove. This was a main reason for me to shop at Trader Joes. there were times it wasn’t in stock. I buy 5 and 6 of them at a time. But they said they weren’t selling enough of it to keep it stocked. I am hoping they reconsider because it was a staple for me. I just needed to make it known and I hope they bring it back to the Lake Grove store.

  10. Anonymous

    Bring this baccccckkk! I have dreams about this product and for years I kept trying to find an alternative. This is too good not to be in stores anymore!

  11. Anonymous

    It’s so good, how did they stop selling it?

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