Trader Joe’s Pollo Asado Burrito Reviews

(7 customer reviews)

With chicken, black beans, corn chili salsa, pepper jack cheese, and rice, in a flour tortilla.


7 reviews for Trader Joe’s Pollo Asado Burrito Reviews

  1. Rachel

    I was actually really surprised by how good this is. Store-bought burritos (frozen or, as this one is, refrigerated) don’t tend to be very good in my experience. But I was intrigued enough to try this one since the ingredients sounded so good, and I’m glad I did.

    It actually tasted like it could come from a Mexican restaurant — the only aspect that I didn’t like was the corn, which was too sweet for my taste. I picked out most of it while eating the burrito, and my rating would be five stars if the corn wasn’t in it to begin with.

  2. Anonymous

    I like these so much I buy a bunch every time I shop at TJ’s. They’re a highlight for me. I agree with the above reviewer that you would be happy enough getting this in a restaurant, and for me the sweetness of the corn is perfect.

  3. Andy Hill

    I usually buy the black bean and cheese burrito at Trader Joes, but decided to try the Pollo Asado. Thought it wasn’t very good. Hardly any chicken + the corn and other ingredients didn’t work well together. Wont purchase this one again.

  4. Martha

    I liked it. I would buy it again. Was well seasoned.

  5. David Berry

    Generally speaking, Trader Joe’s Mexican foods are some kind of bizarre corporate concoctions, Mexican in name only. Corn in a burrito? Have you lost your minds? Gross.

  6. Emily

    Had this today it was so good! Really well seasoned I was so surprised. I love sweet corn so didn’t mind that at all. Will go back for more.

  7. Michelle

    It’s actually very good, I love them….I do wish it had a bit more chicken and I actually like the corn salsa in it…my kids (6,7 ) loves them and rob me every time I buy one, I put the jalapeño sauce on it and it good and filling. I didn’t really like the pork one though. And I haven’t seen my it in like a month I hope they didn’t discontinue them

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