Trader Joe’s Pasadena Chicken Salad Reviews

(12 customer reviews)

A mix of romaine and iceberg lettuce, grilled chicken breast, toasted almonds, rice noodles, sesame seeds, and dressing.


12 reviews for Trader Joe’s Pasadena Chicken Salad Reviews

  1. Sierra

    This salad was pretty good – no major complaints, but it wasn’t “the best salad I’ve ever had” or even one of the top TJ’s salads like some others I’ve had. The dressing’s good, and the ingredients blend together fairly well, if a little boring.

  2. Laurel Pallock

    One of my favorites, though sometimes the lettuce is not fresh. The salad dressing is tangy but not too much so, and it’s quite a nice sized portion.

  3. Lynn R Dunham

    The Pasadena salad is my favorite. I do get three lunches out of the box. As a former reviewer said, sometimes the romaine lettuce starts to brown by the second or third day, but not usually. The almonds and rice noodles add a wonderful crunch. I also add about a third of an avocado to it and mix well. I usually have it for lunch at least three days per week.

  4. Darryl Arenson

    This salad is one of best I’ve had..the dressing alone is really good . Does Trader Joes sell this dress separately?

  5. T Stanfield

    I have just finished this salad. The dressing is gr8- there wasn’t enough, lol. Good size for a dinner. I couldn’t get enough of it. I added onions and chopped boiled egg

  6. Cody

    Hands down favorite. I have been trying to recreate the dressing for years – if you have the recipe, please advise

  7. Susan

    Pasadena Chicken Salad…………Hands down favorite. I have been trying to recreate the dressing for years – if you have the recipe, please advise. Do you sell it in stores or on Line?

  8. Katrina

    This salad is inspired by Green Street Restaurant (a Pasadena legend!) Their salad is called The Dianne. Check it out! This TJ version is great!

  9. jim

    not bad
    chicken is tender but in small pieces
    dressing is good and toppings
    not bad for a good heathy meal!

  10. Sue

    I have a the Pasadena salad several times, it’s my favorite. I add a small can of mandarin oranges and 3 or 4 chopped green onions. I also add their Asian salad dressing for a little more dressing than what is provided. It is delicious and every bit as good as Green Street “Dianne” salad which I have me any times in the past.

  11. Susana

    Was pleased to see the Pasadena Salad back in stock. I love the dressing and the crunchy noodles and almonds. If you sold the dressing separately, I would definitely purchase it! My favorite TJ salad!

  12. Holly Goodman

    My favorite salad dressing – – – PLEASE, OH PLEASE, SELL IT SEPARATELY!

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