Trader Joe’s Palak Paneer Reviews

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7 reviews for Trader Joe’s Palak Paneer Reviews

  1. Lena

    This wasn’t bad, but I was really disappointed with the lack of rice. I think it would have been a lot better if it included rice.

  2. froggy

    From the first bite I got a mouthful of grit. I tried a couple more bites just to be sure and gave up. The spinach must not have been properly wash or processed. Not the taste I was looking for. Thanks anyways.

  3. Gary

    I don’t know what people are talking about claiming there’s grit in the spinach. I’ve been buying this for the past couple of years and never experienced this. It’s a very good vegetarian product. The spinach is nicely pureed and tasty. I wouldn’t want rice with this, as it would mean less palak paneer. Don’t change it!

  4. Lisa

    I wonder if they changed the recipe – I’ve noticed that the taste seems different recently. There’s a weird aftertaste. I thought maybe it was a one-time thing, but this has been the case for a few months. I won’t be purchasing this anymore.

  5. Larry

    I was a HUGE fan of the MRE version of TJ’s Palak Paneer (unfrozen and in foil pouches), probably averaging 5 per week. They seem to have eliminated that version in lieu of the frozen product. I bought a dozen assuming it would be the same but it is a different taste (more bland) and consistency. I won’t be buying any more unless I find the originals.

  6. Roz Glazer

    Love the Palak Paneer and also would NOT want any rice.
    What about a larger package?

  7. Melissa Hauser

    So yummy!!! Definitely a great easy fix for my need for Indian food. Buy it often.

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