Trader Joe’s Palak Paneer Reviews

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15 reviews for Trader Joe’s Palak Paneer Reviews

  1. Lena

    This wasn’t bad, but I was really disappointed with the lack of rice. I think it would have been a lot better if it included rice.

  2. froggy

    From the first bite I got a mouthful of grit. I tried a couple more bites just to be sure and gave up. The spinach must not have been properly wash or processed. Not the taste I was looking for. Thanks anyways.

  3. Gary

    I don’t know what people are talking about claiming there’s grit in the spinach. I’ve been buying this for the past couple of years and never experienced this. It’s a very good vegetarian product. The spinach is nicely pureed and tasty. I wouldn’t want rice with this, as it would mean less palak paneer. Don’t change it!

  4. Lisa

    I wonder if they changed the recipe – I’ve noticed that the taste seems different recently. There’s a weird aftertaste. I thought maybe it was a one-time thing, but this has been the case for a few months. I won’t be purchasing this anymore.

  5. Larry

    I was a HUGE fan of the MRE version of TJ’s Palak Paneer (unfrozen and in foil pouches), probably averaging 5 per week. They seem to have eliminated that version in lieu of the frozen product. I bought a dozen assuming it would be the same but it is a different taste (more bland) and consistency. I won’t be buying any more unless I find the originals.

  6. Roz Glazer

    Love the Palak Paneer and also would NOT want any rice.
    What about a larger package?

  7. Melissa Hauser

    So yummy!!! Definitely a great easy fix for my need for Indian food. Buy it often.

  8. Grace

    This is usually my favorite frozen entree/side dish from TJs, however I’ve noticed with this and other of their items, a lack of consistency. I’m looking at a dish of it right now in which the cheese which is usually in nice big chunks has turned into little crumbles in the microwave.
    They need to focus more on quality control.

  9. Ken

    Palak Paneer has recently been discontinued by TJ’s.

  10. glenna

    Very unhappy to hear TJs has discontinued the Palak Paneer. It was my very favorite, go-to quickie Indian cuisine.

  11. Ram

    One of my favorites for about 10 years and I am Indian. Very well done and authentic. Hugely disappointed that it is gone.

  12. Anonymous

    Excellent. Authentic. Delicious. Please bring it back soon. And for goodness sake ignore the lazy person who wants rice added in the package. Palak paneer is best with (garlic)naan, however readymade rice is sold at TJs. Don’t mess with your best Indian dish.

  13. Mina

    Please please please bring this back! I cook a lot of Indian dishes at home but for when I don’t have time the palak paneer and your fish korma were my go too quick dishes to enjoy but now I’m so disappointed that you have discontinued both of them! Also I was glad that there was no rice added to the palak paneer dish as I always toss the rice that comes with the fish korma because I would enjoy with cauliflower rice or siete brand tortillas!

  14. Sam

    I’d also love for this to come back! It is so delicious and easy to use and I like that it didn’t come with rice because then I could make my own rice. I’m high fiving you Mina!

  15. Don

    Frozen palak paneer is one of the best products at Trader Joe’s. Please do NOT change it. Do NOT add rice. It is great with the frozen naan just the way it is.!

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