Trader Joe’s Oyster Crackers Reviews

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17 reviews for Trader Joe’s Oyster Crackers Reviews

  1. Fay

    I wish you will deliver I go there and buy 20 boxes they are so good

  2. Elizabeth Hanson

    I love them! However, they have not been in stock in the Williamsburg, Virginia, store for almost 6 weeks!!

    Is there a problem in distribution?

  3. Wendy

    My favorite & I totally agree with other 2 reviewers. Wish they were back in stock!!!

  4. STUART J. McCall

    When will they be back in stock????

    COVID has ruined so many small pleasures

  5. Taylor

    Bring them Back Please!!!

  6. Jimbo

    According to my local TJ’s, they’ve been discontinued. Don’t know if the manufacturer is gone – or they just pulled it from TJ’s for marketing reasons.

  7. Larry

    Sadly I was told by my local TJ’s that the Soup & Oyster Crackers have been discontinued. I’m not sure what drove the decision, but my soup is not happy about it. They were very upset when I told them the news. One can cried so hard that they are now dehydrated. I hope TJ’s see’s the error of their decision and brings this great item back to their stores.

  8. Roger

    Same problem with Whole Foods’s 365 oyster cracker brand which looks and tastes the same. A good alternative brand is Westminster Bakers but it costs about double that from TJ and Whole Foods.

  9. Margaret Hansen

    What are the chances of the oyster crackers coming back? They were the best!

  10. R Michetti

    I love these….so upset that Trader Joe’s is not carrying these anymore. Bring them back, bring them back. Please

  11. Bob Berns

    I want ’em back as well

  12. Lauren

    Crackers are wonderful and got several of my friends through pregnancy. Too old for that but have been a long time favorite. So sorry unavailable.

  13. Ellen Biasin

    Ak Mak, Oyster crackers, Stoned Crackers — all discounted! Wow!

  14. Kathy

    Please bring them back!!! These are the best oyster crackers!!!

  15. Barb

    The best oyster crackers I’ve ever had!!! Please bring them back!!!!!

  16. Jill

    I loooved TJ’s oyster crackers. Nothing else compared. I do hope they bring them back. I went there for the sole purpose of buying some boxes, and was told the sad news.

  17. Anonymous

    Please bring these back! They were the BEST!

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