Trader Joe’s Organic Sencha Japanese Green Tea Reviews

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5 reviews for Trader Joe’s Organic Sencha Japanese Green Tea Reviews

  1. Ellie

    For the price, it’s pretty good. For 5x more, you can get 5x better tea, but I can’t spend that right now. Hoping the box is truthful re Japan.

    The foil bags are not environmentally sound. Maybe make a 1lb bag of loose tea in foil or make these biodegradable? That’s my suggestion, though at this point, I’m confident the Trader Joe’s packaging engineers are ignoring me.

    Overall, 5 stars, but remember: the price point weighs heavily in my review.

  2. Violet Jensen

    love it is the best green tea a I have ever tasted

  3. Hitomi

    I like green tea from Kyushu Japan. I love the taste. I have not found this item lately at my nearby TJ’s and wondering what happened.

  4. Faith

    For the price, TJ’s Sencha tea is flavorful and pleasant. I also appreciate that the tea bags are in biodegradable paper – something that’s hard to find for organically grown sencha.

    The main reason I gave less than 5 stars is because of the terrible brewing instructions. Unlike black tea, we should never pour boiling water over sencha because it will overcook the tea leaves, destroying the fresh flavor and beautiful green color. The temperature of the water used for sencha should be around 160-175 F. You can bring water to a boil but cool it down before pouring over the tea. For ice tea, best to use room temp or cold water over the tea and put it in the fridge for several hours. Use two or more tea bags for a quart of water – depending on how strong you want the tea. Iced green tea is so much better when made without heating the water at all. TJs – please adjust your instructions so people don’t ruin a perfectly decent cup/glass of green tea by using boiling water to brew it!

  5. Chrissy

    This is my favorite, everyday green tea. Mild flavor. Love relaxing with it in the morning. Serenity!

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