Trader Joe’s Organic Low Sodium Butternut Squash Soup Reviews

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5 reviews for Trader Joe’s Organic Low Sodium Butternut Squash Soup Reviews

  1. MG

    I love Trader Joe’s soup, but this one really misses the mark. Butternut squash is so delicious and simple – how did they manage to remove all of the natural flavor? Blech.

  2. Olga P. Vargas

    I also love most of your products but I agree with the previous reviewer: this soup totally missed the mark! It’s sweet (sugar & honey) & pretty much tasteless & not thick enough. Actually, it does not taste like butternut squash at all neither does it have the color of butternut squash. I roast butternut squash all the time & I love it! I will not be buying again unless they fix it.

  3. ma

    Ugh! Normally I read the ingredients carefully but doing less of this during COVID. This soup is ridiculously sweet with two sources of added sugars (cane sugar and honey). Yuck! Also missed that there are potatoes in this which is totally unnecessary and detracts from the butternut squash flavor.

  4. KWM

    I disagree with the above remarks. I love this soup, but I drink it like broth or tea on cold afternoons. Maybe that’s the difference–it’s not a “meal” soup for me, it’s to sip while I work. If I got this at a restaurant I would expect a lot more, but it totally works for me and I just laid in winter supplies of about six boxes! I don’t go to TJ’s often and when I do I head straight for the soups. Very hard to find store-bought low-sodium soups that taste like anything at all. A bit of sweet suits me.

  5. dd

    Please bring this soup back, it tastes great! 65mg of sodium vs 450mg of the regular one.

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