Trader Joe’s Organic Joe’s O’s Pasta Reviews

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3 reviews for Trader Joe’s Organic Joe’s O’s Pasta Reviews

  1. Bart Foyer

    I don’t really think spaghettio knock offs can get any better than this. Quite sure they’re better than the product they’re imitating. As a grown man, most purchases involving nostalgia end up pretty disappointing. These may well be the exception.

  2. Ava Fine

    these are bomb as hell. i live a good 35 minutes away from my local trader joe’s, but these are always worth the drive. don’t set your expectations too high though, just be open minded and you will enjoy.

  3. Jimmy

    I don’t know whose idea it was to discontinue this product but they should be fired, their skin impaled with thousands of meticulously placed pine needles (focusing on the most painful areas) and set ablaze for public spectical. This event should be held yearly as a national holiday to remind people not to do stupid things. You have made yourselves one very powerful enemy.

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