Trader Joe’s Organic Dark Chocolate Covered Whole Cocoa Beans

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15 reviews for Trader Joe’s Organic Dark Chocolate Covered Whole Cocoa Beans

  1. Mkcthc

    Delectable rich chocolate, crunchy experience. And without all the sugar to mask flavor. Love these !! Sad that I only saw them once in my TJ store. Bought one to try but would have bought all of them had I realized they would not be back.

  2. Clouseau

    Most tasted like chocolate covered walnut shells, there was only a few in the bag that tasted like I believe it was intended. Kind of disappointed

  3. Julie

    The texture is unnerving, like biting into chocolate covered sand.

  4. Mike Wolfe

    They are a delightful blending of dark chocolate with the rich earthy taste of cacao beans. The dark chocolate cuts the bitterness of straight cacao beans, and is much more complex than either whole cacao beans or nibs alone. The only down side was a bit of grit which I was not expecting. They are a delightful indulgence best enjoyed one at a time and savored.

  5. Doreen Jagodnik

    I love roasted cacao beans, so was excited to find these. Nice light snack with true cacao flavor.

  6. Anonymous

    So tasty!

  7. Trader D

    I liked the taste of the chocolate covered beans. They are not as filling as you might think and if you have too many you are ingesting a lot of calories. That said I will have them again.

  8. Roy

    Incredible, I’m in Seattle they are not in store hope that changes

  9. Paula

    These are fantastic but I was told they’ve been discontinued.

  10. Jamie

    Went to Trader Joe’s today to find they in fact have been discontinued. This was one of the main reasons we shopped at Trader Joe’s because we loved them so much. The perfect little chocolate nibble to satisfy my chocolate craving with very little sugar. Now all they have are about 8 different kinds of chocolate covered almonds and espresso beans all overly sweetened and most not organic. Such a bummer they are gone.

  11. Lilly

    VERY disappointed to find out these have been discontinued! I always added a couple of bags to my cart every time I shopped there. Please bring them back!

  12. Cathy Mallen

    My favorite TJ item. Why oh why was it discontinued?

  13. Chris Mahar

    We also heard this snack was discontinued. So sad! Both my wife and I loved these!

  14. John H

    Please, Trader Joes, bring these back. They are delicious and healthy.

  15. V.K.

    Ideal for those of us who loves dark chocolate especially if trying to avoid or minimize sugar. The only downside – I don’t see them in local stores anymore… Bring them back! They awesome!

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