Trader Joe’s Organic Cream Top Plain Whole Milk Yogurt Reviews

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20 reviews for Trader Joe’s Organic Cream Top Plain Whole Milk Yogurt Reviews

  1. Laura Williams

    Too soupy in consistency to be good. Also very greasy on the lips. I prefer T.J.’s whole milk Greek yogurt.

  2. Nicole

    It is really close to the real yogurt! If you made with yogurt bacteria and real milk, it will be nicely soupy and also the cream will be built on the surface. It is Awesome.

  3. heather

    I am ADDICTED. It’s the real deal yogurt. Not full of sugar or fruit. The cream on top is INCREDIBLE.

  4. Kamilla

    So it’s SUPPOSED to be liquid, then? There was no cream on top, either. Bad batch, I guess. 😛

  5. Anna

    The real yogurt has no added sugar and here is 11 grams of sugar.

  6. Jennifer

    This type of yogurt is really close to original traditional. And the taste is awesome. You can add any fruit and all kinds of snack. I am so glad i can buy this top quality healthy yogurt at a good price.

  7. Pam

    I bought this to make tzatziki sauce. Traders didn’t have fage yogurt today so I bought this. It’s very soupy. I decided to strain it through cheese cloth and immediately after pouring it through the cloth I had to pour out at least a half cup of liquid.

  8. Walburga Kallenberger

    The yogurt is delicious, but why does it contain more then fife
    teaspoons of sugar?

    Thank you for your respond!


  9. R Stephani

    Goodness, gracious, what do they teach in those schools.

    There is no added sugar in this product.
    Milk contains lactose, a “sugar.” All yogurts have this unless the lactose has been removed from the milk used to make the yogurt.
    8gm per 3/4 c = very low carb
    Glycemic index = 14 (lower than milk)

  10. Marsha

    It tastes fine. It’s the consistency that’s very inconsistent. We’ve had some containers that are liquidy (like soup) and others that are thick (like Greek yoghurt).

  11. Stacey

    It tastes okay but it is the consistency of watery milk with curds of cottage cheese. I don’t know if this means it has curdled or if this is normal but I just bought it yesterday. Not sure if I should or will finish it

  12. Tina

    This is very close to REAL yogurt ! Taste and consistency !! Incredibly delicious! I buy them by the dozen

  13. SL

    Bring this yogurt back pls!!! Now that this product is gone I’m no longer a TJs customer because you have no other product like it and now to condense my weekly grocery shop I just go to one place – Whole Foods!

  14. Mohammad

    Bring this yogurt back pls! I really love this product and it is so good.

  15. Seth S.

    Best yogurt ever. This is the single product that would keep me going to Trader Joe’s and I’d spend $25 more on other things on every trip. Now that Trader Joe’s has decided to discontinue the product , I have no reason to visit Trader Joe’s any more and the business will now go to the other grocery store down the street !

  16. m.k.

    This yogurt is incredible. No it is not greek yogurt . It is a traditional yogurt that is very smooth and buttery. I load my basket with 6 to 8 quarts every trip to TJ’s. It was not available my last trip to the Fort Worth store. I heard conflicting information. One employee stated it was discontinued. The other one stated they were just “out.” If this has been discontinued, I will be crestfallen. Please continue to provide this item.

  17. js

    This has been my favorite yogurt. I’ve tried all the other whole milk and low fat yogurts available at TJ’s and none can replace it. Please bring it back!

  18. Alireza

    This was the best Yogurt I ever taste. Long time since I can’t buy it in the store. why stop to sell it?

  19. Moon Hsu

    I have working professionally in the kitchen for 32 years and chef for 18, I made several types of yogurt in my time. This yogurt is by far the best and natural yogurt I have ever tasted. I lived 2 hours from Denver The only time I will drive to trader Joe is for this yogurt.

  20. Anonymous

    This was a very creamy and natural tasting yogurt. And amazing texture too. We would always get two of these in every visit. Please bring it back.

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