Trader Joe’s Mushroom Medley Reviews

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7 reviews for Trader Joe’s Mushroom Medley Reviews

  1. Bill

    This is really good mixed with mac and cheese. I’ve never tried it by itself, but I recommend putting it into other dishes.

  2. Dena

    I had planned to put it into something else, but actually ended up eating it alone before I had a chance to.
    Delicious, convenient, added to my running grocery list.

  3. Ross

    Another “always in my freezer” item…

  4. CathyJ

    I love mixing this with other ingredients. If you are low carb and low fat, make a mock Philly steak: mix this with sliced lean deli beef and add onions. garlic and Worcester sauce. No oil is needed. Another great dish is to mix it with riced cauliflower and saute…yum

  5. Anonymous

    Agreed – it is an always in my freezer item. Works great when making soups! Though the TJ’s frozen porcini mushrooms are far superior, and also more expensive.

  6. Kit

    This mix is fabulous! It makes a wonderful meat substitute or adds rich flavor to soups and sauces, etc. It’s my favorite TJ product.

  7. Deb

    I made a yummy cream of mushroom soup in my instant pot with these. I defrosted then sautéed with onion & garlic, added 4C chicken broth, added French Thyme, more parsley & soy sauce, cooked for two minutes on Hi, with five minute release .Added 1 C half-and-half after the cooking. Quick and easy and yummy. Only wish I would’ve bought two packages to have more mushrooms in the soup. We also poured it over fresh 5 cheese tortellini. Yummy too! This will become a staple in my freezer.

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