Trader Joe’s Muesli Reviews

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Made with whole grain oats, seeds, fruits, and nuts.


4 reviews for Trader Joe’s Muesli Reviews

  1. Clay

    A terrific healthy alternative.

  2. Simon

    This is the worst cereal/granola product I’ve ever tasted. This isn’t hyperbole, it’s just truly awful. It’s not disgusting in taste. In fact, it doesn’t taste “bad.” Cloth doesn’t taste bad if you try and eat a shirt. It’s literally exhausting trying to chew this stuff. It does NOT soften in milk. The little rice grains float to the top and they become soggy, but the oats and sunflower seeds remain tough as ever. Utterly joyless.

  3. Doug

    This product does not belong on a grocery shelf anywhere, and I hope Trader Joe’s will remove it. I returned mine and the store’s manager suggested I comment here. I love the flavor of oats. It is completely missing here. The only flavor beyond cardboard is of something oddly sweet. which then becomes a bad aftertaste. I will return to making my own muesli!

  4. Franklin

    I think this muesli is wonderful. I actually crave the taste and goodness.

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