Trader Joe’s Morning Glory Muffins Reviews

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with carrots, pineapple, raisins, and walnuts.

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19 reviews for Trader Joe’s Morning Glory Muffins Reviews

  1. Lee

    Sometimes you just want a muffin but the coffee shop muffins are hugely caloric, so I decided to try TJ’s Morning Glory Muffins at under 300 calories per muffin. I toasted it, added a little jam, and I have to say, it was very good. Sweet, but not overly sweet, and filling.

  2. Diane

    Perfect muffin! Why discontinued? So sad. Was my breakfast.

  3. Mark

    Yup, these were the best and it’s right sad they were discontinued. With nothing to replace them at anything less than twice the calories. A sign to stop eating muffins. Drat.

  4. Shawn Levi

    That’s so mean I love the morning glory muffins, baby come back

  5. Michael

    Hey Tader Joe’s, why did you kill your best dessert? Bizarre!

  6. Tyler A Archer

    These were my favorite so sad they’re gone!

  7. Daisygirl

    These muffins were a staple in my house. We ate them every morning and loved each bite. I can not believe they are no longer available!

  8. Sharon Bouchard

    My husband & I loved Trader Joe’s Morning Glory Muffins. We are so unhappy that they have been discontinued….and no plans for bringing them back. What a bummer!! So sad…so unhappy…because at 270 calories per muffin they were perfect as well as not too sweet…just great taste. We are unable to find a muffin anywhere that comes close…all have far too many calories and taste too sweet. PLEASE BRING THEM BACK!!

  9. Billie Madley

    MORNING GLORY MUFFINS were actually the greatest, most delicious muffins I’ve ever had…
    I can’t imagine why they are gone?!? Please bring them back with in-store sample days. Seriously anybody who tastes them will get them over and over!

  10. Betsy Meholick

    Please, please, please bring the muffins back! These were the best muffins!!!

  11. kc

    Why? These are soooo good. I hope Trader Joe’s reconsiders

  12. Anonymous

    PLEASE BRING BACK by far the best muffins you had TJ!

  13. Maureen E Hayes

    Please bring back the Morning Glory muffins. They are the best!!

  14. Doreen Tisone

    Please bring back the morning Glory muffins!!! I’m getting very upset with my favs being discontinued!

  15. Judy Gruen

    Oh how I miss these muffins! They were the best carrot muffins I ever had. The best muffins, period. Why were they discontinued? Please reconsider and bring them back!

  16. Sharon

    I am still missing the Morning Glory muffins. Gosh, they were the best Trader Joe’s offered. My husband misses them, I miss them, we all miss them…just look at all these reviews. Please bring back the Morning Glory Muffins. 🙂

  17. Johanna


  18. susanne deprado


  19. Angel

    Please bring morning glory muffins back. Best muffin ever! Healthy! My breakfast. Boo hoo. is gone.

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