Trader Joe’s Minty Cocoa Truffles Reviews

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Net weight: 8.8 oz.

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6 reviews for Trader Joe’s Minty Cocoa Truffles Reviews

  1. Janet Stotler

    We put these in our green recycle can. It was not minty enough and the chocolate was not that good. The calories were not worth eating it.

  2. Camel

    This was so awful I considered returning it after a single bite. I love mint and chocolate combinations, but the combination here is simply revolting. The ingredient list is troubling as well, I typically expect better from TJ’s products.

  3. Anonymous

    I find them deliciously minty and addicting

  4. Miriam

    One of the best things I have ever tasted. The consistency is addictive and I have to have more than one each time because they are so moreish.

  5. Need more minty truffles

    Absolutely fantastic, hope they bring them back next year. Dunno what those negative reviewers are smoking, but these were awesome.

  6. Sean Atkins

    I can’t believe anybody would give these a one star review… CLOWNS! These are very yummy, velvety and just the right amount of mint… actually borderline addictive. That’s really all I gotta say about that. Bad reviews… pay no heed. Go give ’em a try.

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