Trader Joe’s Mint Chip Ice Cream Reviews

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12 reviews for Trader Joe’s Mint Chip Ice Cream Reviews

  1. Natalie

    Mmm! My new favorite ice cream! Natural, clean mint flavor (not artificial), and lots of delicious dark chocolate pieces.

  2. Anonymous

    Dangerously good. I don’t even like mint ice cream, but I tried this at a friends house and have been hooked ever since. Its the creamiest mint choc chip I’ve ever tried

  3. Erin Laudenslager

    By far the best mint chip ice cream I have ever had. It is so creamy and has the perfect amount of chocolate chips!! I drive over 45 miles to stock my freezer.

  4. Anonymous

    Yum. I’m a big fan of mint choco chip ice cream. My favorite is Breyers, but this is a strong second. I love the creaminess, but is a second place because the mint flavor could be a bit more bold.

  5. Sharon W

    Perhaps they changed the ingredients since the previous reviews, but this ice cream has no flavor. The mint is very weak – can hardly taste it after the first spoonful. And the “chocolate flavored” chips have a nice crunch but no discernible chocolate flavor. The packaging makes it look so good, but, though it is nice and creamy, it’s not worth the calories. Compare it to Turkey Hill Natural and you will never eat this again.

  6. Ken Norwitz

    Terrible. They seemed to have forgotten to put the mint oil in. It’s vanilla ice cream with chips.

  7. Leigh

    Mint ice cream is my favorite flavor and this just isn’t very good. It’s not minty enough, not enough flavor, very bland when it comes to mint ice cream. I do like that they don’t use green dye, so there’s that. This is like the “vanilla” of mint ice cream.

  8. Sh’Dynasty

    I feel like I’ve eaten an entire chocolate bar after 2 bites. I like chocolate but this is overkill. Will definitely stick with
    the French vanilla.

  9. Anonymous

    Oh no…what happened, Trader Joe’s?! This is not the mint chocolate chip ice cream you used to make. I’ve not bought if for a while but saw it shopping the other day & remembered how good it was…was. Is there some kind of supply chain issue with mint (flavor? Oil?)? So frustrating…I hate feeling like I’ve been tricked by food companies who decrease package amounts but keep packaging the same packaging. That’s kind of what this feels like. Everything looks like it used to, but part of the product is missing or clearly decreased. Why mess with a loyal consumer following. It causes people to second guess your commitment to quality—on a levels.

  10. Anonymous

    This ice cream is wonderfully creamy. I love all the chocolate chips and that there is no food dye in it. I just wish it had more mint flavor. I can barely taste the mint.

  11. Pam


  12. Bonnie N Day

    My husband and I have been loyal Trader Joe’s “Mint and Chip” ice cream fans for years. Theirs was the best out there! But the last two cartons have paled in comparison. At first we thought it was a fluke; but the second carton proved otherwise.
    The ice cream is entirely different now. The texture has changed (rather gritty) and virtually has no mint flavor (taste more like vanilla ice cream). And the chocolate chips were far and few between; almost, non-existent.
    What happened? Did Trader Joe’s contract with another manufacturer? Was it a cost issue? Why change something that was PERFECT to begin with? We miss the original ice cream recipe. Sadly, we won’t be risking purchasing another carton.

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