Trader Joe’s Mildly Sweet & Spicy Beef & Broccoli Reviews

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34 reviews for Trader Joe’s Mildly Sweet & Spicy Beef & Broccoli Reviews

  1. Lena

    For being a frozen dinner, it was really good. I used a skillet to prepare it versus the microwave and it was delish. At first the meat was deceiving and looked like it wasn’t going to be good. But since I was all in already, I waited and YUM. It’s got a nice kick to it too. I would definitely buy this again in the future for when I’m too lazy to cook.

  2. Susan ONeil

    I love Broccoli and Beef and I absolutely love the flavor in this one. Just like it says, it is sweet and spicy. Heading back to TJ’s to buy some more for my freezer. I also cooked it in the skillet and had it on rice. Delicious!!

  3. JoAnn

    Just tried beef and broccoli. Very good

  4. Bernadette

    Loved it! I’m not a big fan of beef so I hope to see chicken & broccoli soon! At the very least bottle up the sauce and sell it separately. I’ll buy it!

  5. Helena Tetzeli

    #1- it says 6 servings. Make it half that many
    #2- It is not “mildly sweet and spicy”. We love spice, but this seared our tongues so that we could not detect sweet or any other flavors. Maybe we got a bad batch?

    We love TJ’s but will not buy this again.

  6. John V. Bond

    The only way you’ll get 6 servings from this product is if you only eat 2-3 pieces of the beef. We got a little over 2 servings and we were still left hungry. It’s really good but the serving size is very misleading:

  7. Anonymous

    Meat just looked so questionable

  8. Peter barczak

    Spicey enough, sweet enough.
    Served over rice.
    Could have easily eaten the whole bag at one sitting.
    The meat crisped up nicely.
    Better than most beef and broccoli at Chinese restaurants.
    Had a real Chinese food flavor.

  9. Barbara Molleur

    The beef was absolutely disgusting – it never softened (maybe I overcooked it because I thought it was still frozen?). I gave it the one star because the broccoli was fine and we enjoyed the flavor of the sauce. Will definitely NOT buy again. Also, how hard would it be to give a measurement of how much cooking oil to add? It’s doubtful that anyone is only going to cook a portion of the package at a time. We ate just the broccoli and the sauce and it was definitely just enough for two people. If we had purchased this at Costco, we would be going back for a refund.

  10. Jen

    I wish they had put the “spicy” in red or different font than “sweet.” I didn’t see it in cursive and prepared it for my family. It was way too spicy for anyone but my husband.

  11. Karen the Complainer

    Quite terrible…in so many ways. We love other TJs frozen asian foods, but this is a big fat fail. The “beef” looks like cafeteria mystery meat, and the sauce is just…AWFUL. Pass on this one!

  12. Rob

    I don’t know how anyone is possibly saying this is spicy. The sauce is WRETCHED. Absolutely swimming in fake sweetener. No proper umami flavoring at all whatsoever. The beef and broccoli came out great if you cooked it properly. This dish could be amazing, but the sauce DEFINITELY needs some work.

  13. Serenity Guedel

    This was not as expected. We gave it a few tries, but never warmed to it at all. And the portions are not really as described.

  14. Anonymous

    Not very good at all. We prepared it in a skillet as per the instructions. Beef has a starchy coating that’s not appealing, and the sauce is sour and tangy – not in a good way. My wife will only order Beef and Broccoli when we eat Chinese food. She didn’t finish her first serving and didn’t want to keep the leftovers. I tried it and have to agree. This is a definite pass for us.

  15. Troy

    I will premise this by saying that I enjoy maybe 90% of the prepared foods I try from Trader Joes. That said, I was very disappointed in the Beef and Broccoli, purchased April 2022. I stir-fried it in a quasi-wok, under medium heat, very close to how instructions indicated. Overall Flavor was ok, and broccoli itself was good, for frozen broccoli. However the beef was terrible. Not only being Tough (which many have commented on) but there was Grizzle/Sinew in nearly every bite of beef. My hunch is that very low-grade beef/cuts were used to produce this current version of the product. Sorry to have to report… I love Trader Joe’s, and nearly everything I try there!

  16. Brendan

    Obnoxiously sweet. The spice is good, and anyone who complains otherwise is obviously Caucasian. The texture of the beef is weird, like it’s been breaded and deep fried. Pretty small portion for what you pay. I would either order takeout or make stir fry from scratch (not too difficult if you follow a good recipe).

  17. Lenny

    Really disappointed with this one. The main feature of the dish, the beef, barely tasted like meat, let alone beef. The portions were also incredibly small.

  18. SwissMiss

    Insect parts in the broccoli. Beef did not seem to be beef. We weren’t sure what it was, it was very strange, like powder mashed together. It was so spicy, we couldn’t even finish it and I am NOT a picky eater! Our dog wouldn’t eat it either. I don’t think my chickens will even go for it. This is gross and very disappointing!

  19. Rick

    Not sure what the meat is. Opossum maybe. Fix the meat.

  20. Jan

    Read the ingredients! There’s no meat in it!!! I gave it 2 stars since the broccoli and sauce were good. J

  21. Jawnkee

    Meat is horrible. Need to change the meat or just take it off the shelves. Usually love everything from Trader Joe’s but this was just an F.

  22. WyndiSellsAlabama

    I normally enjoy most Trader Joe’s frozen meals. The beef & broccoli was horrible. The sauce is too disgusting. I don’t like super sweet beef and broccoli sauce. It’s a NO!

  23. Anita S

    The sauce was too sweet. Beef and broccoli sauce should be more like an oyster sauce gravy. The broccoli was fine and I added mushrooms to put over brown rice. Will probably not buy again.

  24. Sue O.

    Loved this dish. Plenty for 3 with big appetites. Skillet prepared. Beef was tender. Spicy…but we like that.

  25. Sheila Burke

    This is delicious if prepared in a skillet. It’s very savory, quick and enough for twox

  26. Anonymous

    Sketchy beef

  27. Gs


  28. Marika Nassie

    I tried the Beef & Broccoli from Trader Joe’s this evening, needless to say I won’t ever be purchasing that again. 10 x thumbs !!! I had a couple bites & completely lost my appetite. Gross. Then I looked a little closer at the ingredients, ‘ meat binders ‘ … basically…. Meat glue. Yep that’s why it looks and tastes so absolutely disgusting.
    So want to know why meat glue illegal in Europe ?
    The biggest concern—and ultimately the reason the EU banned the enzyme—is bacterial contamination. Each time proteins are “glued” together, the risk for introducing more bacteria, such as E. coli, goes up. “The risk of food poisoning in food that is glued together is extremely high.” Start looking at ALL of the ingredients in everything you buy…. ESP the ones that don’t sound natural but have scientific names….. it’s time consuming but you’ll be glad you did. There’s ALOT of ingredients they sneak in our goods the cause kidney failure, liver inflammation and cardiac arrhythmias. Kid you not. Start googling this stuff !!! Start demanding pure food !!!

  29. Marika Massie

    My last review was supposed to be say 10 x ‘s thumbs down , with a thumbs DOWN emoji… it didn’t except my emoji.

  30. Marika Massie

    My last review was supposed to be thumbs down , with a thumbs DOWN emoji… it didn’t except my emoji.

  31. David Koenig

    I portion my beef and broccoli into 6 separate servings and put 5 back into the freezer. I did the same with the sauce using my kitchen scale again. Each time I make one portion I have 2 side dishes, I like. For instance rice and edamme beans. As I steam the broccoli, I cut them into bite size pieces. Then when I cook the beef, I do the same, into bite size pieces. Once cooked be sure to coat the beef in the sauce. Now I have a complete meal to enjoy with my martini and 2 olives. Thanks Trader Joe’s for another fantastic frozen meal in a bag.

  32. MC

    love this but how is it ever 6 servings? I make an effort to split it into two but easily could eat it all in one sitting. Love the sweet and spicy sauce.

  33. HoneyBeeBuyingStuff

    I love this! I eat the whole bag in one sitting! I pair it with my cauliflower rice and babbbyyyy! This is the way!!! I ususally put the beef in the air fryer and cook the brocolli in the pan because I like it tender. The way the beef crisps up… omg… So good. The first time I tried it, I went back to Brother Joe the next day after work to get 2 more packs! lol It’s delish and a must have in my freezer!

  34. CM

    You gotta deep fry the beef! This dish is not very good prepared on the stove. The key is to deep fry the beef for 3.5-4 min till it’s nice and crispy. Heat the sauce in the microwave and serve on the side. Cook broccoli in a pan or microwave steam. Serve with fresh rice and spoon the sauce over the crispy beef on your plate. AMAZING prepared this way, better than most Chinese places. It’s a bit more effort but the results are totally worth it. Pretty easy with a small deep fryer like a Fry Daddy(love the fry daddy as you just let oil cool, pop cover on and store in the fridge. We get 4 cooks out of the oil at least. )We eat this 2x a week.

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