Trader Joe’s Mideast Feast Reviews

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12 reviews for Trader Joe’s Mideast Feast Reviews

  1. Marlan farrokhi

    Super authentic and amazing. I buy at least 5 and can eat them everyday. Each item is filling and I swear by it being authentic. Best item ever!

  2. Callee Moo

    I add plain yogurt to the meal, and heat a pita up with it. The meal says it serves 5 people ( a tablespoon of each salad and 1 rolled grape leaf is considered a serving size). The tomato bulgher salad is quite tasty. I would say it would serve more like 3 comfortably.

  3. Jasmine haas

    Best thing I had for a long time

  4. Anne

    I love this so much! I buy a few each week to take to work. They’re so easy to just grab on your way out the door and they’re healthy and very tasty! They are filling too. I usually eat half one day and half the next day. I bring carrot sticks to eat with the hummus for a mid-afternoon snack. I would love to find a recipe for the lentil salad. It’s my favorite part. Way to go Trader Joe’s!

  5. Steve Fuji

    I just wish they would sell the tomato bulgur salad separately. That stuff is addicting and reasonably healthy.

  6. Audrey Bean

    This is probably one of my top 5 favorite meals of all time. I wish I could buy the items in larger quantities and in sustainable packaging instead of single use plastic. Because of the packaging, I’ve tried to recreate all these items myself. I’ve figured all of it out except the lentil salad–I wish I could figure that out!

  7. Ana

    Amazing authentic, very tasty! I will buy this regularly. I wish I had noticed it before. A Greek lunch without running to a Greek deli. I think this is my favorite thing at TJs. And that’s saying something. Score for TJs!

  8. Kelly

    I love this! I love to eat little bits of all 4 compartments. I never get sick of it!

  9. Lo

    Favorite item at Trader Joe’s! The most authentic hummus I’ve ever bought from a store. Love the tomato bulgur salad. I just learned it’s been discontinued. I’m so disappointed. I ate it at least once a week for the past couple of years.

  10. Tanya Liceaga

    I love that salad, please bring it back, every time I shop my groceries I almost cry because its not longer available.

  11. Jennifer

    Please bring this back! This was a favorite in my family and your employees all agree it was amazing!

  12. Char

    We bought it every time we saw it. It was incredibly yummy! Even my kids gobbled it up. We miss it! Please bring it back!

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