Trader Joe’s Loaded Potatoes Reviews

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Diced potatoes with ground beef, tomatoes, green onions, and cheese. Product of Canada.


30 reviews for Trader Joe’s Loaded Potatoes Reviews

  1. Anonymous

    Good and hearty! A satisfying comfort food!

  2. Ken

    I had Trader Joe’s Loaded Potatoes for dinner last night. There was enough for two helpings so I’m happily having it again for dinner in a day or two.

    It’s like a very mildly spiced Mexican pizza that you can eat with a spoon.

    Instructions say to microwave with the plastic wrap in place for 5-6 minutes but my little gutless machine needed 8 to get it past room temperature and develop steam to cook everything and melt the cheese.

    My package had the ingredients more separated than most TJ offerings. (Some potato cubes were by themselves at one end of the package.) So I did a lot of stirring before serving to get everything seasoned and coated with cheese.

    The result is quite tasty.

  3. Marie

    The description on the box made it sound kind of boring, but I just tried it, and believe me, it’s not. It made for an easy, delicious, meal. I will be buying more.

  4. Judith Thompson

    The worst, horrible food that I have ever eaten. (I am 65 years old).
    I almost went back with my receipt for a refund!!!

  5. Anhie

    I wasn’t sure what to expect, but I was pleasantly surprised. The flavor is good but a drizzle of hot sauce knocks this out of the park.

  6. Mark

    Very good meal. My go-to usually. I add tabasco sauce.

  7. S.A.

    If you ever had loaded potatoes anywhere if not at home, you’d know this is nowhere near to the dish called “Loaded Potatoes” but some diced red potatoes with some cheese and green onions. Also 2 grams (0.07oz) of ground beef is not worth mentioning in the list of ingredients. Not recommended.

  8. JH

    This is definitely added to my shopping list. It’s a full yummy meal for only 500 calories. Don’t take the name literally, as one reviewer did–the name is a play on a loaded potato, as the dish contains several components, but not traditional “loaded” ingredients. It is not meant to taste like a loaded baked potato. It was delicious, I wish I had thought to add some tabasco. Next time 🙂

  9. Rob

    Just tried this for the first time and not impressed. Not sure how they can mention beef as there is none that I can find. Basically diced potatoes with a very marginal tasting sauce. Threw most of in the garbage. Definitely not recommended

  10. Rachel

    How on earth someone above can say “don’t take the name literally,” that is just ridiculous. This dish purports to be “loaded potatoes” and I guess they are potatoes, loaded with something. Just not something palatable. Onion-heavy (which I normally like), questionable cheese, and the ground beef is just a rumor. They have so many hits for each miss — unfortunately this dish is a miss.

  11. Lovvie

    Thoroughly enjoyed the dish! Don’t know why everyone takes things so literally -open your mind to something different. Only issue I had was it could have been a larger portion. Maybe I’m just greedy like that but it was good! Didn’t have enough beef? Add more…hmmm

  12. Mi

    Far from loaded. Did not meet the product description at all.

  13. Anonymous

    This is so good! I cooked some scrambled eggs, put the loaded potatoes and eggs inside a flour tortilla and made a breakfast sandwich. Great for meal prep! Microwave it for 30 seconds.

  14. Anonymous

    Very yummy. Loaded potatoes is a type of dish not actually how many potatoes are in it so all of the negative reviews are outlandish. The sauce is amazing and it cooks very well. Totally recommend it.

  15. Barbara Toussant

    This dish is absolutely delicious. I have recommended it to many people. It tastes like a homemade well prepared casserole. You cannot beat the price , or the simplicity of microwaving for 6 min. ( I did mine for 8) The flavors meld so well together. The beef , cheese, spices, onions, peppers a perfect combination. It is so filling and such a great comfort food. If you are looking for the typical American type of loaded potato which usually means bacon, cheese,sour cream, onions, this has a different flavor. The ingredients are different using ground beef, red sauce, cheddar cheese, onion and pepper, and diced red potatoes. The combination is so so good. I cannot imagine anyone not liking it !

  16. Jams

    Husband thought it was great. I couldn’t eat it because I am very sensitive to spice and it was too spicy for me. Front of the box gave no indication that there were jalapenos in it….but after my first bite my mouth was on fire. When I think of loaded potatoes I dont think of them having jalapenos so I didnt check the ingredients (that’s on me)…but they are listed right there. Luckily it’s not an allergy for me…just a lack of tolerance for spicy and if I had sour cream, I probably would have been able to eat a little more. Like I said, hubs thought it was great (although he said more meat would have made it better.)

  17. Anniw

    I love this — a meal in itself, spicy but not hot enough to ruin the mixture of flavors. The ingredients tend to be somewhat separated in the frozen package, as another reviewer mentioned, so they require real mixing together. But this is an end-of-day dish of comfort that’s easy to pop into the microwave & enjoy. Now if they’d just add a little more ground beef…

  18. James

    This is not one of their best that’s for sure. The potatoes were a very strange texture and it just tasted weird.

  19. Judy

    I enjoyed the dish. Worth keeping in my freeze for a quick snack.

  20. Barbara

    I bought this because of great reviews. It’s terrible.

  21. April

    My husband & myself love this dish. Not a large serving but some nights when we haven’t had time to cook, we’ll each eat one of these and open a bagged salad to go along with it.

    It has a great flavor, one those meals that is comforting. Not really spicy at all, but I realize some people might think it is. We’ll keep on buying it at every trip we make to Trader Joe’s.

  22. Anonymous

    Meh. Won’t buy again.

  23. Anonymous

    I enjoyed them Can’t remeber what I paid for them.

  24. Joe

    It tastes alright but don’t look for ground beef.
    It’s potatoes with sauce and a little cheese.

  25. Neal Chabot

    I love this dish. It has a very unique sauce that is so delicious. I get it every time I am at TJ.

  26. Anita Stewart

    Way too spicy. My mouth is still tingling minutes later. Ingredients are as described on front if package. Should acknowledge peppers and Mexican spices.

  27. Sharadyn

    I had high hopes. I got through 5 bites and then threw it away. The sauce was tangy but tang was the only flavor. It reminded me of cheese burger hamburger helper only with potatoes instead of meat and with far less flavor (and if you’ve ever hand hamburger helper you know there ins’t much good about it)

  28. Lu

    It didn’t taste too bad. But I immediately had an upset stomach. I love all food and my stomach rarely is upset. Had to take some tums asap. Will not be purchasing again.

  29. russ toy

    do not buy this! i expected better from trader joe’s, but this was awful. what a waste of good money.

  30. Mary

    Absolutely delicious. I love this item and buy it regularly.

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