Trader Joe’s Key Lime Kettle Corn Popcorn Reviews

(9 customer reviews)

Flavored with other natural flavors. Sweet, salty, tart, and tangy.

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9 reviews for Trader Joe’s Key Lime Kettle Corn Popcorn Reviews

  1. Tammy

    Just tried it and it’s the bomb!!! Tastes just like their delicious key lime pie in their freezer section. Yum!!

  2. Michele

    So Good!! You get hit with sweet and then tart

  3. Ster

    This is so good – if you’re on the fence, I highly recommend trying it! I love popcorn/kettle corn, and I really like key lime stuff, but I didn’t think the combo sounded that appealing. I had also been skeptical of the synergistic seasoned popcorn, and I ended up loving that – so I thought I’d give this a try. Whoa! It’s seriously delicious. It has a nice tanginess, without being too cloyingly sweet. Great texture, and perfect amount of coating on the popcorn. I’m for sure buying this again!

  4. Kyle

    It’s just okay. It tastes EXACTLY like Froot Loops cereal but that really doesn’t work well here.

  5. Dan

    Amazing taste, couldn’t put the bag down

  6. Sharon Geibig

    My daughter brought a bag of this to our beach vacation. She knows that I am a huge key lime fan. I was more than a little skeptical of the combination but OMG!!! This stuff is amazing!! I am addicted!!

  7. Annie Krumwiede

    My daughter bought it & I tried it & loved it !

  8. Trader Joe

    I suspect the key lime flavor is not for everyone but I loved it. I finished the bag in 2 days.

  9. Dan


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