Trader Joe’s Kale, Sweet Potato & Butternut Squash Pizza Reviews

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11 reviews for Trader Joe’s Kale, Sweet Potato & Butternut Squash Pizza Reviews

  1. Sheila

    If I could give it a 0 rating, I would. I like almost everything I get at Trader Joe’s but this was horrific! Dry, terrible flavor, terrible texture. Honestly, I think I could eat the box it came in and it would have been better. The idea was great, the product is awful. Going back for a refund on this one. Sorry

  2. Mollie

    I usually like most everything I buy from TJ. But, this product was substandard. The only good thing about it was the crust. The combination of kale, sweet potato and butternut squash did not work as pizza toppings. There was nothing added to bring the flavor of these items together. In addition, the pizza we bought did not have the toppings evenly dispersed. One half of the pizza was entirely kale. Biting into a kale-only slice of pizza was very off-putting.

  3. Celeste Lamosse

    Absolutely delicious. I stock up every chance I get. Savory, an autumnal treat! (though I eat it year round). My favorite pizza from Trader Joe’s.

  4. Bobby

    Love the crust on this, but the toppings need a lot of work. Too much sweetness on this pie, not enough cheese. I find myself sprinkling additional parmesan on here to give it enough cheesiness/saltiness.

  5. B holt

    I loved this pizza! I love all the toppings, and I add some walnuts pieces and left over asparagus. Will be back for more!

  6. G Burrows

    I am surprised at some of the negative reviews, but I guess these toppings aren’t for everyone. As far as I am concerned this was a good pizza! Topped with a little bit of Sriracha for the added kick it made a heck of a good dinner. Would prefer if it had a little more of the Romano cheese though, and maybe some more garlic. I will repeat this purchase again.

  7. Steve Horne

    This has been our favorite pizza from Trader Joe’s for over a year. My wife is mostly vegan and likes that it does not have too much cheese.

    However, has this pizza now been discontinued?? Say it ain’t so!! We can no longer find it at our Austin TX Trader Joe’s, and are in mourning.

  8. Maureen

    This is the best pizza ever! I always buy three or four at a time when I’m at Trader Joe’s. Please please please do not drop this from your inventory!

  9. EMA

    I’m with Miss Texas, I haven’t been able to find it in my local TJ’s either, and am very disappointed. This pizza, despite yes, it’s lack of evenly spread toppings sometimes, was still delicious. Whom can we contact to have stock refilled??

  10. Paul

    So bummed. I was told today that my local TO sold the last one yesterday and are discontinuing it. Was perfect for me. I have a dairy allergy but the aged cheeses don’t seem to affect me . Their others look good but are swimming in mozzarella. I had found the perfect item. Stopping by another larger store tomorrow on the odd chance that they may still have some.

  11. Nan

    I loved this pizza! I’m very disappointed it has been discontinued.

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