Trader Joe’s Hot Hot Crispy Habanero Peppers in Olive Oil Reviews

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63 reviews for Trader Joe’s Hot Hot Crispy Habanero Peppers in Olive Oil Reviews

  1. Lauren

    I was skeptical to buy these because they looked a little funky in the jar but I LOVE habanero peppers and all things spicy, so i went for it. WOW is all I can say- so happy I bought these! They somehow magically stay crispy even though they are in olive oil and just a few of them go a long way to add heat to a variety of dishes. So far my favorite ways to use them are in rice bowls or sauteed with veggies and vegan sausages…no hot sauce needed anymore with these bad boys!

  2. Wes

    These are super good! Like the other reviewer, I was a bit skeptical to buy them since they look sort of mushy or weird in the jar. (I also questioned how they could really be ‘crispy’ with the look and being in a jar of olive oil or whatever.) But to my surprise, they really are crispy! Also, a little goes a LONG way with these due to the heat, so I think the jar can last quite awhile. I mixed some into a bowl of veggie nuggets and rice, and it added the perfect little crunch and pop of heat. If you like spicy stuff, definitely recommended! I plan on using them as an add-on in stuff like stir fry bowls regularly going forward.

  3. Billy Bob Jones

    hello all, this is my first time rating a product, however this product is astonishingly average. however, my sister’s boyfriend says it is a 1 star, so im being nice about it. buy at your own risk is my advice to you all. do not be too surprised when you are disappointed by this odd product.

  4. Billy Bob Jones

    hello all, this is my first time rating a product, however this product is astonishingly average. however, my sister’s boyfriend says it is a 1 star, so im being nice about it. buy at your own risk is my advice to you all. do not be too surprised when you are disappointed by this odd product. WARNING please buy at your own risk!!!

  5. Janet

    This is the best habanero peppers crispy in a jar. I am so sad that I cannot find this anymore in any of the Traders Joe (TJ). I went to two TJ close to me and they were none to be had. When are you guys going to have more of this Crispy Habanero Peppers in Olive Oil jars again. Please be soon.

  6. Jano

    To Janet’s point above, anyone know if this has been discontinued? It was at my local Trader Joe’s for about a month, but they haven’t had it in about two months since, and I’m starting to wonder if it’s just temporary or permanent.

  7. Jane

    I am officially addicted to this crisp. At first it was good and I would use it occasionally. Now I want to put it on everything. It is very spicy in a most perfect way and adds a little bit of texture. I hope it isn’t discontinued.

  8. Nadi

    TJ’s nails it once more! I too was skeptical at the beginning. but since i love very spicy food, i bought one jar. it was all gone in 3 days! went back and bought 6 more.
    as another reviewer had mentioned I put it on most everything. from rice dishes to avocado toast. this definitely is potent, but if you like some ‘kick’ to your food, this now has become my go to choice. i hope they do not discontinue it!

  9. JJ

    I now love two jars of crispy crunchy spicy things from Traders. These tiny habaneros are delicious and stay very crispy. I am only beginning to add them to every dish!

  10. TM

    I was very happy to see this back on shelves but the “new” batch does not seem to be nearly as hot. Anything beyond a pinch used to be pure fire, now I find I can mix in a lot more and it is still not the same burn as what I bought last winter.

  11. SA

    A TJ employee recommended them as we were checking out, grabbed us a bottle and hot dang!!! Mixed it with avocado, lime, and salt, my nose is runny as I type this!!! Soooo good!

  12. Linda Kehoe

    My second jar arrived crushed to smithereens, bleeding oil on my brick front door way.
    I tried MANY ways to contact Amazon, told they cannot refund on third party purchases.
    My crushed habaneros are generously sprinkled with crushed glass, poorly packed in pocket sized bubble wrap bag and shipping envelope.
    Disaster + Disappointing service

  13. Vassil

    Delicious – but it appears to have been discontinued? Wish I had known, would have bought a case of them!

  14. José B

    These crispy habaneros go so well with everything. It was crushingly distressing to find these discontinued. Please bring these back.

  15. Pat Davidson

    These crispy crunchy habaneros are very distinctive and taste great! I eat lots of hot foods and these have a texture that is very atypical. A very different item than we often find in hot sauce sections. If you like some kick and some crunch, give these a try, you won’t be disappointed! These are an easy 5 star. Don’t blame the product if the delivery guy can’t get it to you.

  16. pk

    so good ..trader joes need to bring it back …

  17. herb schulsinger

    When I opened the jar and saw the oil I wondered how the habanero peppers could be crispy. But they are and also delightfully hot. I put a smal bit of the habaneros in almost everything I eat because they’re very tasty and add a bit of zing to any meal. I wanted to buy several more jars, but I’ve heard that TJ’s has discontinued this product. That’s a shame. I’ll have to check with the local store here and see if I can get them to restock these peppers. I’d hate having to give them up. But this seems to happen quite a bit at Trader Joe’s. You find something you really like and then in a week or less it disappears from their shelves.

  18. Shobs

    This was my favorite spicy condiment. I really enjoy spicy and I really enjoy this and add it to almost everything I eat. One week ago I found out this item has been discontinued, I was really disappointed when I found out and searched the other Trader Joe’s in my area for it but they were all gone. I don’t understand why Trader Joe’s would discontinue such a great product. Like another customer said, if I knew it was going to be discontinued, I would have bought a case or two of them. Please bring it back!

  19. Deni Rosehill

    Please PLEASE bring these back!! I use a little on everything and I went through my last three jars, only to be advised that they were discontinued when I went to get three more 🙁

  20. Sean M

    So damn good.. please – please, bring it back!

  21. Sav

    So good , so spic, full of flavor and can be put on anything from Breakfast lunch and dinner

  22. Dennis

    These are fantastic snacking on them right out of the jar! Of course you can put on/mix in – either peppers or just the oil – but straight is the best, IMHO. Hope to find more somewhere!!

  23. Bri

    Love these habaneros and would put them on everything!!! Soooo good! Drizzled the oil on popcorn! I am obsessed. Please bring them back!!!

  24. Anonymous

    Definitely buying a damn case and stocking it if Trader Joe’s brings it back.

  25. Kimberly Cretaro

    This item was amazing! If this was a trial run on a product to see how well it would do, I think it’s safe to say it was a winner and worth a trip to the local store just for that item which it turn will end in a full cart of other items not planned for. I hope the manufacturer and Trader Joe’s can come to an agreement to bring this back. Awesome product! Thank you for sharing it with us.

  26. Keyana Thomas

    This was the best thing Trader Joe’s had on their shelf! Why would you discontinue such a wonderful product! Please bring this back, it was always popular I have no idea why it’s gone. At-least make it accessible to purchase online!

  27. Nooshin G.

    These are amazing, and I could not be more disappointed that they seem to be discontinued. I literally ONLY went to TJ’s for this product because the closest one is wayy out of the way for me. I made a special trip to two different locations and couldn’t find them. Wish I’d known they’d be discontinued, and I would have bought a case. Or at least not finished my last jar so quickly. Very upsetting that they’re gone!!
    For anyone who actually likes spicy food, these are amazing. Crispy texture is awesome, and the flavor is excellent. Rare to find a product like this that is both genuinely spicy but also very flavorful and something you want to eat on everything. I’ve tried some of their similar products, and none are even close to as great as these were.

  28. CAT

    This is my favorite pepper condiment to date. Wifey sent me for the jalepeno crispy variety and I came home with this awesome sauce (jalepeno wasn’t available). It’s legit hot and delicious (mixed in rice bowls, lentils & tuna salads thus far). If you love habanero heat, this will make your face sweat and heart happy.

  29. Anonymous

    Loved it. So sad to hear it is discontinued. Please bring it back!

  30. Anonymous

    I love this, please bring it back. I heard TJ associates says they discontinued due to being so hot for some but there are others that rave this item. Bring it back Trader Joe!!

  31. Cindy Simantel

    Please bring these back! There is nothing that compares, my husband is in a funk knowing they are discontinued.

  32. Pam Bush

    Please bring this Crispy Habanero Peppers back!!! I put this on everything that I eat. I love this. If I had known I would have bought a case…….

  33. Anonymous

    PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE bring these back! Our house is not the same with out them!

  34. Lenise Grant

    I love everything about this Habanero Pepper, It goes very well food. Please bring this back. I have not found any other oil that’s good all types of food

  35. Mollie Janis

    Wow I was very disappointment when I found out that Trader Joe’s do not sell The Hot Hot Crispy Habanero Pepper oil. this was the best oil that I have found. Please Trader Joe’s bring back this oil. think about brining this item back

  36. Mike M

    I love the sauce And when I called the local store, it has been discontinued. Please bring the sauce back!

  37. Kat

    This sauce is one of my favorite things from TJ. I can’t believe they discontinued it. Please bring it back!!!! I will buy tons!!!

  38. Toni

    Love, Love, Love The crispy habanero peppers and olive oil. I put this on everything! I am so disappointed that I can’t find them anymore I am addicted to these peppers. Now I’m hunting the web searching all stores trying to find them anywhere anyhow… I’m so sad. Please please please bring them back I always bought four or five jars at a time, Because I would go through a jar in about 2 weeks.

  39. Toni

    Love, Love, Love The crispy habanero peppers and olive oil. I put this on everything! I am so disappointed that I can’t find them anymore I am addicted to these peppers. Now I’m hunting the web searching all stores trying to find them anywhere anyhow… I’m so sad. Please please please bring them back!

  40. Elizabeth Aghassi

    I can’t believe this has been discontinued. Please please please bring it back – This is so great on everything and it’s the perfect heat, which can be incredibly hard to find. Not sure I can live without this!

  41. Lulu

    Please bring it back ! This is one of my favorite TJ product that I couldn’t find from anywhere else. This is so good. Please have it back!

  42. Jeanna

    Please bring these back if they are gone. I am pleading with everyone else; they are the best spicy condiment ever! It’s that damn good if I’m online looking for more info on whether these peppers are available anywhere else.

  43. Elena Larson

    Please bring back Habanero sliced Peppers in olive oil in the jar!

  44. Jenna

    Absolutely delicious. I put it on everything. I hope they bring it back. It was my favorite Traders hot sauce.

  45. herb schulsinger

    I didn’t know what to expect when I bought a jar of Trader Joe’s Hot Hot Crispy Habanero Peppers. When I opened the jar and saw all the oil, I thought how could the peppers be crispy? But they are and they are hot and delicious. When I went back to TJ’s to buy some more, I was told they had been discontinued. WHAT!? Please bring them back, they are delicious. I use them in virtually every dish and they give the food a nice kick. I have part of one jar remaining and would hate not being able to get more. PLEASE, Trader Joe’s, bring back the Hot Hot Crispy Habaneros.

  46. Stacy M


  47. Jess

    Not sure why it was discontinued but pls pls pls bring it back. One of the best chilli oils Ive had I will literally buy it in bulk if it comes back. Please restock the Habanero chili oil !

  48. Thuy

    Please bring the hot hot crispy habanero back. So disappointed!

  49. Robert

    The Hot hot Crispy Habanero peppers in olive oil (SKU 00674843) was one of the few products we enjoyed from TJ’s.

    After not seeing it for months, I called corporate HQ’s and was informed the Crispy habanero in olive oil l has been discontinued TO OUR MONUMENTAL DISAPPOINTMENT!!!

    I suspect the peppers were discontinued because some snowflake filed a lawsuit after getting lips and heartburn.

    However, I anticipated this was going to happen because the peppers are the hottest we ever tasted, found subsequent jars less hot and bought two cases.

    Everyone, please consider calling HQ at 1- 626-599-3700 and request product returned to shelves and make customers sign a liability release form.

  50. Christine G

    Please bring this back! It is the best

  51. Anonymous

    I have been rationing my last jar. Down to three crisps left!


  52. Brian


  53. Anonymous

    I no longer so at Trader Joe’s because they discontinued these peppers in oil. I spend my money elsewhere now.

  54. Scott

    A friend introduced me to these. They were so good. Thought TJ’s had a reason to make me a shopper at their store. Sadly, when I went to get a few jars, I was told they had been discontinued. Guess Trader Joes isn’t my cup of tea. It appears they aren’t concerned with what their customers like, based on these favorable reviews. Now making my own crisps.

  55. NAZNIN

    Why would you discontinue these.?! They were so popular that they were always sold out. Wtf. Please bring them back. Bring it back.!

  56. Kassandra

    Add me to the list of incredibly sad spice lovers 🙁 EVERYONE I know was obsessed with these jars of spicy deliciousness! I can’t understand why they would ever discontinue these. If anyone from TJ headquarters can help get this back on your shelves you’d be my hero!

  57. Rosalind Morris

    I truly do love the hot hot crispy habanero and when I realized that it was being discontinued, I found about seven jars I have run out please bring this back. Please bring this back.

  58. Sharon T.

    I love these too. Had only purchased one jar. Went back and there were no more. Discontinued. This is a distressing habit with Trader Joe’s and Costco. TJ, please bring these back!

  59. Ameel Shakir

    Please bring back!

  60. T.C

    OMG……amazing stuff…YOU MUST BRING IT BACK

  61. James

    Whoever was the person that may this stupid decision to discontinue this product needs to be fired!!!!! Clearly this person is in the wrong business….T.J’s do the right thing and bring it back

  62. Shea

    I saw these on the shelf back in 2021 and decided to get one. OH MY GOODNESS I was so SHOCKED at how delicious these habanero crisp were!!! I went back and grabbed 4 more jars. My mom came to visit me around that time and she was addicted to it just as much as I was. She was putting it on everything. I kept telling her….use as much as u want. I was thinking at the time, I ‘ll just buy more. She left about a couple of months later…I sent her home with 3 jars. When I went back to TJ about a month later….there were none on the shelf. I found out on line that they had been discontinued. Had I known they were going to be discontinued I wouldn’t have been so generous…lol. 2 years later I’m still checking every now and then to see if TJ will bring them back!!!! PLEASE BRING THEM BACK!!!! I’m holding on to hope that they’ll bring it back!!!

  63. BB

    I stopped going to trade hours when they stopped carrying these wonderful crispy habanero peeps. BRING THEM BACK! BRING THEM BAAACK!!!!

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