Trader Joe’s Hot Cocoa Dunkers Reviews

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Chocolate cookies with marshmallow pieces and chocolatey coating.

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2 reviews for Trader Joe’s Hot Cocoa Dunkers Reviews

  1. Rayna Arnold

    These cookies are delicious, the perfect blend of chocolate and crunch while leaving a great taste in your mouth.
    Hot Chocolate is as good during a summer camp out as sitting by a fireplace in Fall and Winter. Please bring these cookies back year round!!!

  2. Andrea J

    I really like the cookies but I hope they redesign the plastic container. It took me 15 minutes to separate the lid from the rest of the container as there is hardly anything to grab onto. I was afraid to snap the lid back on, so I fastened it loosely with masking tape. In contrast, the plastic container for the Soft Bite Mini Chocolate Hazelnut Biscotti has two stiffer plastic pieces that project from the lid and body, making it easy to snap the lid on and later remove it.

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