Trader Joe’s Honeycrisp Apple Scented Candle Review

(8 customer reviews)

8 reviews for Trader Joe’s Honeycrisp Apple Scented Candle Review

  1. Lisa

    I am literally kicking myself I only bought one of these! It is AMAAAAAAZING !!! And its only $3.99!

  2. Sue Cotler

    excellent and price is amazing too!!

  3. Linda Oechsner

    Absolutely yummy! Where can i buy more?

  4. Mona R Lloyd

    Would like to see you carry this all year long, Its not just a fall smell. Its just so fresh and clean.

  5. jlmcdon2

    Love the smell!

  6. Search for the Best Candle Scents

    It really does smell like sweet, crisp apples. Please sell these every Fall!

  7. Megan

    This candle is AMAZING!!! It smells actually when you walk into the fruit section of the store and smell that fresh apple smell! Please make this all year round because it is such a fresh scent or sell it during the summer and fall at least. It’s a nice change from apple and cinnamon candles..which I still love

  8. Alice

    I grab at least 3 when I see them my FAVORITE scent

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