Trader Joe’s Honey Walnut Shrimp Reviews

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Battered shrimp with candied walnuts.


53 reviews for Trader Joe’s Honey Walnut Shrimp Reviews

  1. Buddy

    The shrimp are good quality, but the dish is flavorless. No honey flavor, walnuts far and few between, and very salty. I love salt, but when that’s all you taste, not good. A rare dud from Trader Joe’s.

  2. Carol Ann

    I must have gotten a bad batch. The sauce tasted like a sour gym sock. Not at all what I’m used to from restaurants and zero honey flavor. Ick!

  3. B. Ricks

    Shrimp were large and nice, but the dish as a whole was a major DUD. Sauce was gloppy and sickening. Walnuts had shell in the package. No wonder it was on sale… I still love TJ’s though.

  4. Shelly

    Like others have said, the shrimp quality is pretty good, but that sauce is disgusting & tastes absolutely nothing like honey walnut. The sauce tastes like pineapple, but in a bad way. I am a big fan of honey walnut shrimp in generaly, and I will never buy this version again. YUK

  5. Patricia

    Again – the battered, crispy shrimp actually had a good flavor but the sauce wasn’t good. It was sort of like mayonnaise with a little orange juice in it. It would’ve been SO much better with TJ’s Kung Pao Chicken sauce. THAT is really yummy. We were sort of expecting the Honey Walnut Shrimp to be like the Kung Pao Chicken – add rice and you’ve got a meal. It just wasn’t good. But we’ll keep trying their other main dishes in hopes of finding another great one like the Kung Pao Chicken.

  6. Mariella

    I second or 3rd with everyone else saying that the shrimp are of good quality. The sauce is nasty af though. It’s like tossing it in condensed milk, and that it. Ohhhh the sauce is gross, thick and gloppy. I read reviews before, so thank goodness I only used a rltad bit of the sauce, I didn’t want to ruin the whole bag of good shrimp. I’ll use my.own sauce for the rest of the bag.

  7. Daryl

    Worst tasting TJ product by far. Did anyone taste this before packaging and distributing it? “Sour pineapple glop” sauce is a perfect description.

  8. Linda

    Not good-agree with all the other reviews

  9. Frank T. Dancuart

    Horrible! I shoul d have read these reviews beforehand.

  10. Lily F

    This is one of my favorite dishes growing up so when I saw this at Trader Joe’s I was skeptical but still willing to give it a try. I prepared the shrimp in the air fryer and they came out delightfully crisp. I then sautéed the shrimp in the sauce and topped with the candied walnuts. I kid you not, the very first shrimp I tried, I did that slow chew, thinking what did I buy? I then tried a 2nd shrimp. It came to me, the dish tastes like straight rancid parmesan cheese sauce. I could not eat any more, this dish brought no joy.

  11. Richard

    Put some cream on this, and you’d have a perfect shrimp-based dessert. Honestly TJ’s, cut it out with the sugar in your prepared foods. It’s too much.

  12. Beverly Seawell

    i loved it!!! mine was finger licking good and will purchase again!!

  13. Elizabeth

    Shrimp was excellent
    But the sauce omg yuck I should have tasted it first I eat everything from trader joe’s but this hit different I’ll buy it again just for the shrimp ☺️

  14. Maureen Driscoll

    I’m generally a huge TJ Fan, but I’m seriously worried the sauce I just tasted has gone bad. It smells and tastes like vomit. I am really worried I have food poisoning. After tasting and discarding the sauce, I checked to see if there was bleu cheese in it — it was that type of taste — but can’t find any. These reviews make me feel a bit better than it’s bad sauce and not dangerous.

  15. Jeff

    The shrimp are great. The candied walnuts are good. The sauce is not very honey-like at all, and way too much like mayonnaise. Yuck.

  16. Felicia

    I usually love Trader Joe’s frozen meals but this was absolutely disgusting. I fried the shrimp on the stove, they were fine – nice and crispy. However, the sauce was ABYSMAL. It smelled like cheese fondue, but with a hint of pineapple and it tasted exactly like that – gross. Had to throw the rest out. Wish I read the reviews first, or, listened to my nose! lol.

  17. Stripperarseasp

    Discover the best ever for free!

  18. Ashley

    The shrimp is great, but as everyone else has said – the sauce is pungent, sour, and tastes like it’s gone bad. I’ve tried it 3 different times hoping it would change and of course it did not lol. If they could improve the sauce this would be a fantastic, easy dinner.

  19. jojo86

    Pretty much agree with other reviews, shrimp was great. The sauce leaves much to be desired, really gross. I wish I had tried the sauce before putting it on the shrimp because I threw it out.

  20. Hetty

    Shrimp was perfect- but the sauce ruined the meal. None of my family could eat it- smelled sour and tasted like rotten cheese. My son actually said it smelled like vomit and I now see someone else said the same thing. So sad, we were all excited to try, so much so I did a double batch so we could all have some. 🙁

  21. Tjk

    Just tried this yesterday, then had to come here to see if others had the same perception as us. Sauce is very disagreeable to our taste buds and stomachs. Similar to starchy frosting, not recommended.

  22. BJ

    We tried this for the first time this evening. Because of how good the orange chicken is (amazing btw), we had high hopes for the Honey Walnut Shrimp. As we warmed up the sauce and began to mix the shrimp in, I asked my partner what that awful smell was…as I got closer to the dubious origin, I discovered that the shrimp was emanating the distinctive scent of vomit. Despite the odor, I gave it a gustatory chance, and guess what? It tasted like vomit too.

  23. Jack B.

    Never left a Trader Joe’s review but it was so bad I had to warn other people. Sauce was like pineapple but not in a good way. Stomach hurts. Not good at all

  24. Bella

    This was absolutely disgusting it smells and tastes like rancid cheese and pineapple. This was the worst thing I have ever put in my mouth I’m so upset that I bought this.

  25. Anonymous

    The sauce tastes like cheesy poofs. So gross.

  26. RP

    Omg the sauce smells like actual vomit. I’m so disgusted and I really hope nothing happens to me because I ate some before realizing how absolutely disgusting the smell was.

  27. Damaris Molina

    These reviews have me baffled. The dish is so good. The sauce gives it a sweet taste and the coated walnuts are delish. The shrimp stay crispy and does not get soggy when you add the sauce. News flash the sauce is supposed to be a little thick.

  28. NB

    The sauce… like everyone has already mentioned is absolutely disgusting!!! I actually felt sick and like puking after. It’s so sad because the shrimp are so nice and crispy. Perfect shrimps but I added the sauce before trying it on its own which was a horrible mistake because I would’ve enjoyed the shrimp on their own without this horrendous sauce. My stomach also hurts…

  29. John

    This meal was just plan awful! I’m so disappointed a spent money on this.

  30. Thomas Lail

    Just eat the shrimp without the gym sock sauce

  31. Anonymous

    bad but not nearly as bad as every one is making it out to be – the sauce basically tastes like pineapple-y condensed milk, get rid of the pineapple and tone down the sweetness… it would be fine

  32. Smikl

    The shrimp tasted rancid. I did not use the sauce, but air fried the shrimp and put in tacos. Waste of taco shells. I couldn’t eat it after two bites. Was not good at all.

  33. RJB

    Bad product! Also is missing county or origin which should be on the bag I’ve notice many products don’t have that info I thought it was the law that it needs to be on the product! Maybe TJ is exempt! I will be checking into that!

  34. Ak

    The sauce is absolutely disgusting. Makes you want to throw up fr

  35. Melanie Yo

    These are good. However, I steered clear of the sauce and I pan fried them in a little oil. I drizzled them with real honey and added the pecans and it was SO YUMMY! I did taste the sauce and it resembles lemon glaze for a cake a little. Maybe it’s okay if that’s your thing but I wasn’t into it. I wanted plain honey. My shrimp were very crispy and even tasted good as a stand alone because they have their own flavor without the sauce and nuts but adding a light drizzle of honey and they were still very crisp and tasty and the nuts took it to a new level. I’m sorry I can’t speak for the sauce though. It’s creamy appearance didn’t even appeal to me.

  36. Anonymous

    this was fucking disgusting man

  37. Nathan

    The sauce tasted like parmesan cheese, and not in a good way.

  38. zara naz

    would give 0 stars if i could. the reviews are so accurate it hurts. first of all; WHO THE FUCK PUTS PINEAPPLE IN HONEY WALNUT SHRIMP. second, why does it give me the runs every time. i tried it one time years ago and i had this exact same reaction to it. i thought i just got a bad batch or something. fast forward to last week, i pick it up, remember the diarrhea and the weird sweet sour taste to it, but i think to myself; it’s been years! it can’t have stayed on the shelf’s this long if it’s normally like that! boy was i wrong. trader joe’s, to quote our high priest Conan Gray, “someone who love you wouldn’t do this”. so why would you do this to me? your loyal customer of my entire 18 years of existence?

  39. Catrice

    This was the worstong I have ever bought at Trader Joes. Omg upon opening the sauce package it smell so bad. Maybe it was spoiled I don’t know but I took one bite and was puking all night. I will never recommend or purchase this product again.

  40. amlod

    if i can give 0 stars i would. whoever made this must like rancid blue cheese bc thats exactly what it tastes like!!! straight vomit sauce package. shrimp is good though. dont waste ur precious monies on this garbage

  41. Arnold

    I Don’t know if I got a bad batch or something but the sauce straight up tasted exactly like vomit. Although the shrimp alone is pretty good.

  42. Reza

    Tasted like Fermented vaginal discharge…yeeeOUCH!!!

  43. Anonymous

    Simply awful. Don’t do it. I gave most of it to my dog-she loves all gross things so it worked out, I just hope she doesn’t get sick from it.

  44. Anonymous

    Please someone take this vile product off the shelves. My daughter immediately sh*t her pants 10 minutes after eating

  45. Anonymous

    If I could do zero stars I would. I almost immediately shit myself after eating this terrible meal. My shit in pants still smell better than the taste/smell of this foul sauce.

  46. Anonymous

    the sauce is gross. the shrimp by itself was great and with a different sauce id eat it for sure..but never buying that again.

  47. Jenna

    Tastes like blue cheese gone bad.. just did this recipe ever make it to production and why is it still being sold?

  48. DT

    Cannot get over the sour taste of the sauce. The sauce is also soo heavy. Couldn’t finish this meal, the reviews are def right on this one.

  49. Kathryn

    Overpowering vomit smell was so strong I am currently wretching while typing.

  50. Chloe

    Absolutely vile. Everyone saying the sauce smelled and tasted like vomit are correct, I took one bite hoping my sense of smell was deceiving me and it was not. It threw the rest in the trash and ended up having to take the bag out within 10 minutes because I couldn’t stand the vomit smell every time I walked by the can.

  51. Shylinn

    Taste like Kraft Mac and Cheese powder. Really tried to imagine a honey walnut flavor but this dish just taste like bad Mac and cheese flavored shrimp.

  52. Vicki

    The shrimp was good .. the sauce was like pus with a hint of honey.. nasty crap! I ended up removing the shrimp and blotted off as much of the sauce as possible so it wouldn’t so grosd

  53. HoneyBeeBuyingStuff

    This was the first and only item so far that I STRONGLY DISLIKE! My friends and family have been trying to get me to go to Trader Joe’s for years and I finally went. I love love love many items from Brother Joe, however this walnut shrimp is NOT IT bruh!! I air fried the shrimp and they looked good… however, lacked flavor. I tried the sauce, unh unh… disgusting. It taste like carnation milk with a wee bit of honey and something. Yuck!!! Whatever it is… I DO NOT LIKE and will not EVER get this again!

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