Trader Joe’s Heirloom Ground Chicken Reviews

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90% lean, 10% fat, all natural and pasture raised. Slow-growth, air chilled, and no added hormones or antibiotics.


2 reviews for Trader Joe’s Heirloom Ground Chicken Reviews

  1. Mickey L

    Never had ground chicken from Trader Joe’s before but purchased 2 packages of this product for tacos. It smelled weird, like chemicals and somehow didn’t take on the taco seasoning. Very concerning. We threw out the cooked meat afraid it would make us sick. Wasn’t expired and the texture seemed fine.

  2. Gail Lancaster

    Trader Joe’s Heirloom Ground Chicken appears to be all dark meat, is ground somewhat coarsely, including little white bits of ground tendons. It has a strong, almost gamey chicken flavor which I didn’t like. It does not contain rosemary extract and other flavor enhancers usually found in ground poultry. On the plus side, it was not full of water and browned easily. I made it into seasoned baked breakfast sausage patties. l’ll give it another try and see if it lends itself to a different spice profile. The cooked patties texture was good and firm.

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