Trader Joe’s Hearts of Palm Reviews

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8 reviews for Trader Joe’s Hearts of Palm Reviews

  1. TlB

    Tried for 15 mins to get the lid off. Extremely hard. I am pretty strong and never had a problem before. Not sure if all the jars are like this or just mine. I wil have to take it back.

  2. Sandra Smith

    Great product inside but the lids are extremely difficult to take off. I finally had to give up with a couple of the jars — Just couldn’t get them open.

  3. wendy

    Delicious-the heart of palms are tasty and soft. The lid is snug, but it can be opened. I use a manual can opener and once the lid pops it is open.

  4. Emmy

    The lid is insanely difficult to remove and if there isn’t a stronger person in the house, the product becomes useless! But it’s a wonderful item!
    Is there any way for the manufacturer to take it a little easier on the tightening process?

  5. Ella Wong

    Dec. 26, 2018: The heart of palm is a wonderful product. I was disappointed to learn today that it has been discontinued. There are 3 different artichoke hearts, plus frozen one, so why discontinue the only hearts of palm offered? I wonder if it will be brought back with an easier to open lid, if that is the reason it was taken off the shelf (many complaints). Please, please bring back hearts of palm…I don’t want to go to another store to buy this.

  6. JTT4203

    Missing the Hearts of Palm in the glass jar (not the medallions). They have always been fresh and delicious. It would be nice to understand why/when TJs decides to take a product off of its offering. I miss the curry powder and rooibus and honeybush tea as well.

  7. Jeannette Shimko


  8. Suzanne Tayler-Nobles

    PLEASE BRING THE TRADER JOE’S HEARTS OF PALM BACK! I love hearts of palm, unfortunately most cans/jars on the market are terrible. The Trader’s Joe’s brand were just the way I like them. please bring them back.

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