Trader Joe’s Greek Mezze Quintet of Spreads & Olives Reviews

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4 reviews for Trader Joe’s Greek Mezze Quintet of Spreads & Olives Reviews

  1. nell

    Need to bring an appetizer to your next potluck or just want something to spice up your own dinner? This package of four delicious dips and olives will do the trick. I especially loved the eggplant feta spread. Put the spreads on crackers (TJ’s pita chips would be perfect) or add to a salad or grilled piece of chicken or fish. Highly recommended. Only downside is the wrapping–very difficult to open.

  2. Barbara Cromer

    This stuff is rockin good! Agree that it’s difficult to remove the plastic top and would love packaging that includes a cover if you don’t finish it in one sitting. Amazing flavors!

  3. patti

    This stuff tasted really good. It was hard to open. I would buy it all the time but just saw it about 3weeks in the store and then it was see gone.

  4. Julie

    each one better than the next, perfect to bring to a party, great wirh pita or corn chips. I have resorted to cutting out each flavor section first…think a really tight cover over a classic TV dinner!

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