Trader Joe’s Grapefruit Ginger Sugar Scrub Reviews

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20 reviews for Trader Joe’s Grapefruit Ginger Sugar Scrub Reviews

  1. Wes

    I was intrigued by the grapefruit/ginger combo so decided to give this a try. The scent is a little “spicier” than I would like, but it’s not bad, and the grapefruit is nice.

    I’ve been using it mainly as a hand scrub, and it’s been working well for that purpose.

  2. Susab

    Love it! Please bring it back!

  3. Anonymous

    love it. please bring it back asap!

  4. Erin

    I love this scrub!!! I was disappointed when this past weekend I went to 2 different TJ and couldn’t get it.

  5. Kirsten

    I love it – PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE bring it back!

  6. Elena

    Loved it!!! It was a very pleasant part of my gym routine, always used it after a work out, what a treat! Please, bring it back!

  7. Joseph Blue

    Terrific product!

    A frustrating part of TJs is the sudden disappearance of beloved products. The website should allow you to track products, including what comes & goes — because a lot goes, unfortunately.

    Yes, please bring it back!

  8. Tee

    Oh how can you tease us Tj’s and leave us with NOTHING!! I had my wonderful husband on he hunt at 2, yes TWO different Tj’s to find this treat. I am a SUCKER for all exfoliating, skin treatments of the such.

    Ohhhhh NOOOO!!! I am so disappointed in you Tj’s.


  9. Drea

    I love this product! It is gentle and does not leave a film on my skim plus it smells amazing!

  10. Todd

    Unfortunately, I’m down to my last tube. Such a great product. Exfoliates and moisturizing without leaving the whole shower greasy like a lot of other sugar/oil scrubs. Hoping TJ’s brings it back.

  11. elizabeth Drummond Grice

    I’m not buying any more Trader Joe’s beauty/skin care products because every time I get hooked on something here that works great for me it gets discontinued.

    This stuff was my fave. Great scent, very scrubby, worked well for my skin, and didn’t turn the tub into a slippery death trap like most scrubs.
    Suuuuper disappointing that it’s gone.

  12. K

    It’s actually back, at least at a store near me! I just bought one an hour ago.

  13. Kevin J.

    This is back this fall, at least at the Los Angeles Trader Joe’s location that I go to. I better stock up this year, since it’s such a good combination of affordable and effective with a nice upbeat scent.

  14. Deborah Cottle

    I still don’t see it on shelves. Love this product!

  15. Jessica

    Please bring back your grapefruit ginger sugar scrub. It is an amazing product. Why would you discontinue this?

  16. Patricia Martin

    Just made a 50 mile round trip to my nearest Trader Joe’s location. Main reason for trip was to stock up on this scrub. I bought 5 packages in March prior to quarantine and they have run out. I was so disappointed when I was informed this product has been discontinued. Why?? This is the best scrub I’ve ever used. PLEASE bring it back!!!!

  17. Pam

    I have not been seeing this ‘flavor’ at my local Trader Joe’s (Woodmere, Ohio). I love this product and hope that it will be reordered soon!

  18. Lily

    Love this scrub. The scent and consistency is perfect and way better than even the Body Shop brand scrubs. I haven’t seen it in a while. Please restock!


    Love this scrub. Will you please bring it back.

  20. Carol

    I love this scrub!!! Please bring it back.

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