Trader Joe’s Golden Roasted Whole Seed Flaxseed Reviews

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6 reviews for Trader Joe’s Golden Roasted Whole Seed Flaxseed Reviews

  1. jing

    I have been buying this for a year. Just yesterday, I discovered it is off the shelf at the shops in NYC. Nobody knows they even carry it when i asked. I would like to know why. I actually love it and shared with many of my friends.

  2. Elain

    Golden Roasted Flax Seed is both delicious and healthy and is a staple of mine that I eat every day for years; since I found it at Trader Joes. Then 2mos ago I am told that they no longer carry it. this is a big loss, as I have not found this elsewhere. Also this is the second item that I made a staple of mine having found it at Trader Joes that they have discontinued with no explanation. Frankly i have two requests: 1st is that they try giving it a bit of attention before discontinuing such a healthy tasty staple, [numbers of times I have actually opened the bag i am buying in the store and given it to a store clerk/others as they had no idea about it and loved it]. 2. Please advise me by email where this had been sourced so I can find a way to buy it directly. A big and misguided loss by Trader Joes and no I don’t understand.

  3. Gary S

    I’ve been buying these Golden Roasted Flaxseeds for years.. they are my favorite.. I always stocked up on them whenever I shop at Trader Joe’s.. because they often sell out fast.. I just don’t understand how they can discontinue these popular Flax Seeds.. they seemed to be a popular item.. I will greatly miss them.. Please bring them back!

  4. Deb B

    Please bring these back as soon as possible. They are the best. In the meantime – I have been buying them from a store in Canada (which is where the Trader Joes brand was produced). The product itself is the exact same however the cost is higher along with the shipping. Thank you,

  5. Ramon

    PLEASE bring it back! This is a great product. First, the holiday ginger nut chocolate candy. Then, TJ”s Joe’s Dark coffee. Now, this?! You’re about to lose me as customer.

  6. Leticia Suarez

    Please please!!!!! Bring the roasted flaxseed back!!!

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