Trader Joe’s Gluten-Free Whole Grain Bread Reviews

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49 reviews for Trader Joe’s Gluten-Free Whole Grain Bread Reviews

  1. Kris

    Love Trader Joe’s gluten free whole grain bread. Wish we could get it back home, but no Trader Joe’s. Have to buy a couple extra loaves and take back with me.

  2. Anonymous

    This bread is absolutely delicious! I’m not much of a bread fan usually but this bread is yummy and guiltless.

  3. irene davis

    I love this gluten free bread. Just wish there were some way to bring the cost down. This is the only bread I buy, in fact; bought two loaves today. (Can it be shipped to my home at a reduced price?)

  4. Jennifer V.

    This is by far the best gluten-free bread I have ever tasted. Period. Great option for those who cannot have regular bread. My daughter is allergic to wheat so I buy a lot of it. I wish it were organic but I am still happy it is available. It tasted even better toasted or lightly grilled and browns as if fried in a pan with butter with nothing on it. I cannot say enough about it. Like previous reviewer, I do wish it did not cost as much as it does but again, happy it is even available.

  5. Vicki

    I agree with Jennifer V–I’ve tried them all and since I don’t live super close to a TJ’s I just happened to be in the neighborhood and had time on my hands, so I cruised the aisles of Trader Joes and decided to try their branded GF bread. Up until then, I’d been settling for Franz’ Mountain White–but it’s pretty tasteless. This one! Has flavor! I honestly would not know it was GF because it tastes so good! I went back and got a few more loaves to freeze because I don’t live close to a TJ’s

  6. Lori Anselm

    As much as I love Trader Joe’s and there are many products I would highly recommend, this is not one of them. I have tried every Gluten free bread that I come across, and this is one of the worst-dry, kind of hard, flavorless and crumbly. You really need to toast it to make it all acceptable. Every few months I try it again after reading other great reviews of it, and I’m disappointed every time. Honestly, I am very surprised by all the good reviews, maybe it’s just me? it is less expensive than some of the pricier better brands, so at least there’s that.

  7. Susan White

    I usually buy the white bread – its the only gf bread I buy. I would give it a 5* but I am so disappointed that the loaf is becoming smaller and smaller this past month. Each slice is smaller than the palm of my hand, and there seems to be less slices so the bag itself if less than half filled now. Its pretty expensive for cutting back on the size so much. Its hard enough when you are GF and there are so few choices for sandwiches.

  8. Janet Smith

    This is the best GF bread I’ve tried for toasting. It toasts up very well and has a texture like “real” bread. My only complaint is that, indeed, the loaves are getting absurdly small, even smaller than in August of 22 when the above post was written. I was pretty shocked when I saw the slice size. I would rather pay more and get a bigger loaf!

  9. Evan

    The whole grain GF (green bag) bread USED TO BE fantastic. The recipe changed to ‘vegan’ and now its horrible.

  10. Julia

    They changed it! Says there’s a new supplier. Get rid of them! They have ruined this gluten free bread & put it in the same green bag. The new bread is weird tasting and spongy. The previous recipe was a great gluten free bread. Soooo sad!

  11. Kristine

    This is really disappointing! The GF bread used to be really good. It was my go-to and favorite bread. Now it looks processed more like wonder bread. The texture is sad and unappealing. So sorry I will have to find a new GF bread elsewhere. Please bring the original bread back!

  12. Rochelle Rudnick

    I just purchased my first bag of the new recipe GF whole grain bread – it is unappealing and basically inedible. The texture is like a limp sponge and the taste is basically soggy cardboard.

  13. Donna

    They ruined it. First, they said they changed suppliers for the whole grain green bag bread, and what I bought was smaller and denser slices, NOW, they’ve reimagined the ingredients to make it VEGAN, and it is gross. When does it stop? I’ll tell you when it stops – when no one buys their bread, there is no more demand, and the product disappears and they no longer have to deal with those GF customers who used to buy their GF bread products. P.S. The pink bag GF bread has always been gross, but now they’ve lost customers by changing the ingredients and suppliers of what used to be an acceptable GF bread.

  14. Donna

    P.S. The loaves have become consistently smaller and smaller, as are the slices. Its expensive to start with, now less product. Just stop making it and force us to buy elsewhere. I travel a premium just to buy it and pay a premium. Think I’m done now.

  15. Anonymous

    Like everyone else is saying…the new recipe is terrible! Trader Joe’s please listen to your customers and bring back the old recipe! If you really want to make a vegan bread then make another product! Leave the already established product alone.

  16. Jo

    THIS BREAD CHANGED and I am not ok with it. This used to be the only gluten free bread I liked and here I am again going to hunt for another product. This new one is chalky, gross, and not enjoyable.

  17. Jen K.

    Why did you change the GF bread??This new one tastes awful and texture is no good. Please bring back the previous one. I love TJ, but this new version is so disappointing.

  18. William Midon

    Will never buy another loaf – gawd awful taste, texture … you name it. There is NO WAY any Exec at TJ’s tasted this and believed it was a suitable replacement for their previous GF bread.

  19. Jane

    Why ruin a good thing? The gluten free bread was so much better than most. This is the most terrible gluten free bread. Extremely dry. Too dense. Is Udi’s making your bread now cause is is very similar. We don’t like Udi’s which is why my kid’s only rat Trader Joe’s gluten free bread. Guess we will pay twice the price & start buying Canyon Bakehouse. It is obvious whoever approved this breadversion does not have to maintain a gluten free diet. I really hope you listen to the comments & revert back to the old recipe. I will never but this bread again & feel like my money was scammed from me. Six loaves of bread going into the landfill. Would’ve rated zero stars but it will jot let me.

  20. Jeri

    How can we contact your former supplier of the gluten-free whole-grain bread to buy directly from them? It was the favorite of everyone I know, and this new bread is disliked by all!

  21. Sara Buffington

    Please, for the love of all that’s holy, change it back to the old recipe. This was the one bread that I could actually enjoy, but the new version is awful. It’s almost rubbery, and more dense. I bought a few bags without looking at them, and now I’m stuck with several bags of gluten free disappointment. Way to bum me out, Trader Joe’s.

  22. Michael

    You didn’t have to toast the old recipe, to make it edible (as you do with so many gluten free breads), you could make a sandwich straight out of the bag. It was widely preferred to other brands by celiacs. Not so the new recipe.

  23. Mary

    HATE HATE HATE the new recipe. It’s awful. The other recipe was so much like real bread. Now you’ve ruined it. Won’t be buying it again.

  24. Lydia

    The old formulation was delicious. The new one is a sad dry sponge.

  25. Lisabeth

    The new TJ gluten free bread is gross. Why did you change when the original was the only good loaf out there? Please bring back the original gf bread!

  26. KD

    New recipe is awful! Please revert to the original recipe!

  27. Emmy B

    New formula tastes like molasses flavored cardboard. Terrible texture too. Sugar-sweetened starch product.
    Old formula was the best gf bread I ever had. That’s why I shopped at TJ’s. No more.

  28. Kathy

    Just returned the loaves of the new recipe to the Florham Park store. They were gracious and gave me some nonsense reasoning. Then one of her coworkers showed the manager that online it states they will return to old recipe in the next 4 days but the store will not have til first week in September. So exciting! We did it!

  29. Mark Johnson


  30. Chaz

    Did any buyer with TJ’s actually taste the new recipe before making a decision to change? We’ve got half a loaf of new recipe bread here that is inedible. Perhaps it can be recycled back into the cardboard from which it was made.

  31. Lynn

    The change to this GF bread is so disappointing and inedible, even when toasted. Please bring back the old version.

  32. Debbie S.

    They changed the recipe. It doesn’t taste the same and isn’t even good toasted. I’m taking back my two loafs and have to find a new bread. Why did they do this!

  33. kelly

    NOOOOOOOOOO! My favorite (and the only delicious GF bread, IMO) is not good since the recipe update. PLEASE bring back the old recipe!!!

  34. Martha P

    So out of character! I love Trader Joe’s but what is going on with your GF whole grain bread? It is dreadful. You had what I feel was the best tasting, best texture GF bread prior to this change. Yes, tiny slices, but I LOVED THIS BREAD so much I didn’t care.
    I was shocked to see you changed the ingredients on the label but didn’t mention “NEW RECIPE” anywhere on the bag. Very misleading. Please go back to the old ingredients and if you want to continue making this poor-tasting, poor-texture bread then put it in a different bag and call it something else. Please go back to the original recipe.

  35. NKBrown

    Everyone’s already said it. New formulation is simply unpalatable. Dry, sandy, flavorless cardboard.
    I will buy elsewhere, unless you restore the old formulation.
    A rare misfire for TJ’s, but one that can be corrected.

  36. Vicki

    I agree with all the other reviews this new recipe is awful. I travel between 50 and 100 miles to get to the nearest Trader Joe’s for this gluten free bread. I will not be buying it unless it goes back to their old formula. Please bring back the old recipe?!?!

  37. Lois

    Totally agree that the gluten free bread has changed for the worse. I was a long time purchaser and promoter of this GF bread and I’ve tried many. Also, agree that the loaf is considerably smaller in size and slice thickness!

  38. Caitlin

    Trader Joe’s used to have the best gluten free bread, but they changed the recipe and now it’s the WORST! Please change it back!!

  39. Shane

    I am Celiac and forced to eat GF. I drive an hour to closest Trader Joe’s to shop GF. They did away with the veggie bites I used to get, then they did away with GF big cupcakes, and now they changed the one thing I still drove to get, the GF bread. Like everyone is stating, the new bread is disgusting. Well, I no longer have to drive an hour, I will find something local. Bummer.

  40. Kathleen McGann

    Couldn’t agree more with all the above. I have been buying your gluten free bread for years since it was by far the best alternative. I also enjoyed the cinnamon raisin which was discontinued. Guess you have to experience the awful products offered to gluten free customers to appreciate my disappointment. This is definitely a step backward.

  41. JM

    The new GF bread is inedible — like others have said, it certainly diminishes my reasons to make an extra trip to TJ’s. I bought 2 bags and threw both of them away. What a waste.

  42. Mitzi

    I came here to read other reviews to see if it was only me who found the bread extremely disappointing compared to the previous which had an amazing texture and quality taste. Having bought Trader Joe’s gluten-free bread for over a decade, I am now searching for a new provider for a quality gluten free bread. This is so disappointing. It is like mush trying to eat it. Once you get it in your mouth the taste and texture are equally extremely poor quality. I would not even given this is star, but I did have to rate it to review.

  43. Linda

    Trader Joe’s should have left their multi grain white and raisin bread the way it used to be. The new version is awful. Those of us with celiac or wheat allergies had a gluten free bread that was good. The new version is dense dry does not toast well and is very disappointing. If TJ wanted to have a vegan bread they should have made a different product instead of messing with a good product. With all of the recalls lately and the change to gf breads it is time I stop shopping there.

  44. Simone L.

    I am sooooooo disappointed. Trader Joe’s had the BEST GF bread on store shelves. Quite frankly, it rivaled any GF baker bread I’ve had too. This new stuff is terrible (T.E.R.R.I.B.L.E) and I wish I hadn’t wasted my time (or money) this morning making the trip. It’s really the main reason I ever go to TJ since I don’t love their other GF selections. If I could give less than one star, I would.
    In case I wasn’t clear, I loathe this new bread.

  45. Ginger L

    Go back to the old recipe. The new one is terrible and not worth buying.

  46. Susie

    Horrible horrible recipe for what was the BEST multi-grain gluten free bread. DO NOT BUY THE NEW RECIPE!!!!!

  47. Susan

    Horrible horrible recipe for what was the BEST multi-grain gluten free bread. DO NOT BUY THE NEW RECIPE!!!!!

  48. Lynne K

    That bread was the cornerstone of my grocery list. It was THE reason I went there and subsequently got much of the rest of my weekly needs there. Now I don’t NEED to go there.

  49. Renee

    Ditch the new GF bread recipe. I understand everyone wants to produce ONE type of product for all the “special” diets. NO. Just no. I’m not GF/DF by choice. Their GF multi-grain was thee best. No oats or dairy so very safe for me. Now it’s vegan? Vegans can actually eat wheat & gluten. If taking out the egg has made this bread taste like the styrofoam that it currently is? Pls please bring back the egg and the old recipe. There is no joy in eating this new version of TJ’s GF raisin bread or GF multi grain. Zero joy. I used to drive across town for this GF bread.

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