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  1. Louis

    This is fun to work on (especially when getting creative with it, not just trying to mimic the design on the box), but with some caveats.

    1. It does require more work — you’ll need to whip/prepare the “frosting” type of spread. You can’t just hand it to your kids and let them go for it.

    2. Don’t expect the actual gingerbread parts to taste like delicious cookies. It has to be hard enough to stay together and not crumble/collapse, so obviously it was made with that in mind, not the end goal of making a tasty gingerbread.

    3. Be prepared to make a major mess!

    With those in mind, this is still a fun Thanksgiving activity. My family got two of them and had a great time getting creative and having a ‘competition’ over who could make the most original one. We didn’t end up eating most of the finished product, but we spent a good hour laughing and working on it!

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