Trader Joe’s Garlic Potatoes with Parmesan Sauce Reviews

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27 reviews for Trader Joe’s Garlic Potatoes with Parmesan Sauce Reviews

  1. Viviana Cestero

    We need them back!!!! Large mistake to discontinue this potatoes very sad

  2. JR

    I was just told that you discontinued this potatoes! Big Mistake really Big mistake. Please bring them back.

  3. Tammy

    Love these potatoes convenient , quick & easy to cook and was a great price and you get the best potato’s ever !
    Why are these discontinue I went to 4 different stores as they are usually out of stock and then I finally asked the clerk and said they discontinued them so sad . Trader joe needs to bring back ! PLEASE !!!



  5. Abigail Ellis

    Bring them back!!

  6. toni

    I went to 4 different stores for these potatoes and no where to be found. I asked a guy to look in back and he said they discontinued them. I have been making these potatoes for years and we love them. I tried the other kind you have at not nearly as good.

    Bring them back!!!!!

  7. Shari

    Family is very disappointed by this news. It’s not often that all my boys agree on the side dish we eat. These were the ONLY thing they agreed on.

  8. Wendy

    I cannot believe you discontinued these and KEPT the ones with the green beans? Please TJ’s, make this right. I am not joking when I say this was the number one thing that brought me into your store regularly (and then I bought a bunch of other stuff, of course).

  9. KR

    PLEASE bring these potatoes back!! They were a staple for us – so great as a side for grilling, etc… I almost cried when they told me you’d discontinued them.

  10. DW

    Bring back the garlic parm potatoes! It was a staple in our house

  11. FS

    Omg! Please, please bring them back! I cant Believe you discontinued this product. It was my favorite at Trader Joe’s.

  12. AlexV

    total bummer. one of my favorite things

  13. Bob

    These potatoes were my favorite thing from trader joes. Bring them back please!!!!

  14. Carrie Cantu

    These were so good! So sad they aren’t available anymore! Please bring them back

  15. FS

    My favorite recipe was to bake salmon with garlic potatoes (salmon in the middle with spread around potatoes). They were ready at the same time. It was incredibly delicious! And simple.
    TJ, please, get garlic potatoes back!

  16. Macy King

    Discontinued??? Really?? Super disappointed in TJ continously getting rid of great products. Getting to the point of where half the things I go there to buy are gone.

  17. Gina Hofmeister

    These potatoes were the best! I can’t believe they’re no longer available!!! Please bring them back! ☹️

  18. EQ

    I cannot believe these are gone yet the potatoes with the mushrooms, which are trash, are still being sold. Bring back my garlic potatoes! Hardly get the motivation to make the drive to shop at TJs without these available.

  19. Robin Krieg

    Just heard these garlic potatoes with part sauce where discontinued. These potatoes where so good and so easy to heat up. Perfect with steak, pork chops or chicken. Please bring this great item back.

  20. R & C

    Bring these potatoes back.
    What was the reason for discontinuing.
    So easy to make. Just place a sheet of parchment paper on a cookie backing sheet, then put on the potatoes.
    No fuss, easy clean up.
    And, soooooo great to eat.
    Please, Please bring this garlic parmesan potatoes back!

  21. Gertruda

    Why when you have something really good you always discontinue that? Why ? Everyone loves it. If it not coast to cost affective raise the price I would gladly pay more. It’s amazing product for everyone. With good nutritional value. Please bring it back! Be nice.Afterall you working to improve customer services. Why don’t you listen to your customers! I hope you will. Thank you!

  22. Kadi

    No wonder I haven’t been able to find these anymore. Why would you discontinue them? They were the best thing ever. I tried the ones with mushrooms, ewww disgusting. Can you please bring them back???

  23. Linda

    Please bring it back can I order it online?

  24. Louise Douglas

    My whole family LOVED these. We got them every week, several bags. Have missed them since they were discontinued, cannot understand why they got rid of the?????

  25. Teresa

    I had them every day!
    please bring them back

  26. Shelly

    Still hoping you will bring these back! The most delicious, easy dish! I look for them every time I shop, just in case you brought them back!

  27. Alan

    These potatoes were the main reason I shopped @ Trader Joe’s, now I rarely go there and Trader Joe’s is missing out on selling me other products!!!

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