Trader Joe’s French Onion Soup Reviews

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18 reviews for Trader Joe’s French Onion Soup Reviews

  1. Lena

    This was BAD. One of the worst Trader Joe’s products I’ve ever had, and I’m normally a huge Trader Joe’s fan. It had almost no flavor whatsoever, and the consistency was, in a word, nasty. My brother and I took one bite each and couldn’t take anymore – into the trash can it went. I won’t be buying this again!

  2. Susan

    I agree with the reviewer above – this is NOT a good French Onion Soup. The consistency of it is weird and there is NOT enough cheese. My partner liked it better than I did, but I would be happy if we don’t eat it again. Full review here:

  3. Carol

    So, this soup needs a little fixing up and it may even be a five. I had a half teaspoon of dry sherry. a half teaspoon of beef flavored Better than Bouillon. Then I fill add about a half cup of water to fill up the bowl I’m using. Top it all with a slice of French bread and chopped up swiss cheese.

    I do agree it was pretty blah before I doctored it up.

  4. Cheryl

    Very Good

  5. Anonymous

    I am french and this tastes just like what a real onion soup is supposed to taste like, what you would get at fancy restaurants.
    I did get a “bad batch” once that had very little flavor but most of the time it was perfect

  6. Anonymous

    Disappointing. Bland flavor, onions were way too raw to be caramelized. If it’s just frozen soup, why didn’t they provide the cheese and bread on the side?
    Huge disappointment.

  7. Anonymous

    Disappointing. Bland flavor & onions were way too raw to be caramelized. If it’s just frozen soup (ie you need to provide a cooking vessel), why not provide the cheese (and bread) on the side for assembly?
    Two stars is generous.

  8. Anonymous

    Literally amazing!!

  9. Jay

    Pleasantly surprised this was great! It could use a bit more cheese though.

  10. Julie

    This is my favorite TJ’s item. So good.

  11. Louis

    It’s much better when I cook it in the oven then the microwave and I use a toaster oven to keep it from over Browning at some point I might put a square of aluminum foil to keep it from burning. But for a quick Frozen item I give it a five.

  12. tonianne paradiso

    it’s delish! i’m shocked by the reviews. you must be making it in the micro. (eww) this needs to be baked in the oven properly!!! my fav thing about this is it’s rare to find a french onion soup that’s vegetarian and without beef broth. i get to enjoy this with my hubby without making mine seperate from
    scratch! the way they come frozen makes them perfect to put in separate mini pots and bake and come out looking fancy.

  13. Anonymous

    Love it. Great taste good texture. Oven the best way to cook. Been buying since 2012 still great. When we can’t get at Costco we get at Trader Joe’s.

  14. K

    I loved it! I’m hoping they still sell it at my TJs since last time I went I couldn’t find it. The soup is great!

  15. Wanda

    Love it!!

  16. trebuchet

    Tastes ok but after cooking according to the instructions in the oven was still part frozen.

  17. Danny

    I thought it was very good

  18. Brenda

    I think it’s delicious. It does need more than 40 minutes because every time it is not very hot. It could really use a nice piece of sourdough bread and more than the tablespoon of cheese they give you.

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