Trader Joe’s French Green Beans Reviews

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6 reviews for Trader Joe’s French Green Beans Reviews

  1. kdk

    We love these. I steam them and the saute with onions. At the end add a little brown sugar and balsamic vinegar. Four of us devoured a large bag

  2. Ross

    A staple in our freezer… They thaw wonderfully but, for most cooking applications, I don’t bother to thaw.. Stir fry.. Steamed, etc, etc…

  3. rosalia

    Buying them every time I shop for groceries: we basically have those green beans as a side twice per week. Good taste and always fresh, my kids prefer them better than French fries!

  4. Victoria

    Yes we like these but not sure about the spraying when they are growin. They are not organic??
    Are the French big in spraying?

  5. alexis petroff

    Ever so slightly al dente
    the French green beans
    can be as satisfying as rigatoni

  6. Karen

    Great, highly recommend.

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