Trader Joe’s French Cheese Souffle Reviews

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11 reviews for Trader Joe’s French Cheese Souffle Reviews

  1. Olivia Beserra

    Why did you take these away!? I remember buying the last stock back in 2011 because I heard you were discontinuing them. I would never think frozen cheese soufflé would work but you guys made it work! It was very good, please bring these back!

  2. Tina Taylor Dettbarn

    I agree 110% with the review above. Senen years later and I still miss it.

  3. Julie

    Please bring them back

  4. Julie

    Please bring them back.

  5. Didi

    Bring them back!

  6. erin

    please bring it back 🙁

  7. Kate

    This was the best item TJ’s ever made. I BEG you to bring them back! I would cook them in a muffin tin and it would be 360 degrees of toasted cheesy goodness.

  8. Anonymous

    Please bring this back!!

  9. Steve

    Bring them back!!!

  10. Jean B

    I agree, this is one of the best items TJ’s ever made. Please bring them back!! Even after all these years, it is the one item I want to be able to purchase again and again……. What would it take to bring them back?

  11. Chuck

    I miss these so much. I’ve never full forgiven TJ’s for disco’ing my favorite food. I’ll do whatever you like if you just bring these back, please!

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