Trader Joe’s French Cheese Souffle Reviews

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14 reviews for Trader Joe’s French Cheese Souffle Reviews

  1. Olivia Beserra

    Why did you take these away!? I remember buying the last stock back in 2011 because I heard you were discontinuing them. I would never think frozen cheese soufflé would work but you guys made it work! It was very good, please bring these back!

  2. Tina Taylor Dettbarn

    I agree 110% with the review above. Senen years later and I still miss it.

  3. Julie

    Please bring them back

  4. Julie

    Please bring them back.

  5. Didi

    Bring them back!

  6. erin

    please bring it back 🙁

  7. Kate

    This was the best item TJ’s ever made. I BEG you to bring them back! I would cook them in a muffin tin and it would be 360 degrees of toasted cheesy goodness.

  8. Anonymous

    Please bring this back!!

  9. Steve

    Bring them back!!!

  10. Jean B

    I agree, this is one of the best items TJ’s ever made. Please bring them back!! Even after all these years, it is the one item I want to be able to purchase again and again……. What would it take to bring them back?

  11. Chuck

    I miss these so much. I’ve never full forgiven TJ’s for disco’ing my favorite food. I’ll do whatever you like if you just bring these back, please!

  12. Bryn


    (What the Fromage!)
    These were amazing. Every holiday season I wait to see if they will come back, but noooo 🙁

    These NEED to come back. My dozen attempts to make cheese souffle have resulted in floury quiche (at my best try).


  13. Debbie irwin

    French cheese soufle bring back! Best item! Do not go to your store anymore until bring back!

  14. Lisa

    This got me through the early days of my gastric bypass surgery. Soft. Protein. Tasty. I miss it ! Bring it back!

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