Trader Joe’s Fettuccine Alfredo Reviews

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5 reviews for Trader Joe’s Fettuccine Alfredo Reviews

  1. Jennifer

    Oh my gosh, these noodles are to die for. Not even kidding, my favorite food ever. I would eat everyday.

  2. Melissa benovic

    Easy and quick. So delicious. Noodles themselves are tender but not mushy. Sauce is great, rich but not overly thick. I like to add seafood sometimes too.

  3. Shara

    These are so tasty! My kids love them! So easy to just put in the microwave. A nice alternative to Mac and cheese!

  4. Burak Banerjee

    I love it

  5. Tanya

    This fettuccini is the best. Very tasty and easy to heat up

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