Trader Joe’s Fettuccine Alfredo Reviews

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8 reviews for Trader Joe’s Fettuccine Alfredo Reviews

  1. Jennifer

    Oh my gosh, these noodles are to die for. Not even kidding, my favorite food ever. I would eat everyday.

  2. Melissa benovic

    Easy and quick. So delicious. Noodles themselves are tender but not mushy. Sauce is great, rich but not overly thick. I like to add seafood sometimes too.

  3. Shara

    These are so tasty! My kids love them! So easy to just put in the microwave. A nice alternative to Mac and cheese!

  4. Burak Banerjee

    I love it

  5. Tanya

    This fettuccini is the best. Very tasty and easy to heat up

  6. Anonymous

    My favorite thing that TJ’s sells. Would be my last meal on this earth. So easy and sooooo delicious

  7. susan

    I keep several bags of these in my freezer at all times. It is easy to make and delicious. However, I made some last night and there were only 4 of the pasta “nests” — usually there are at least five. Are they cutting back on the amount in the bag and hoping no one will notice?

  8. lisa

    this stuff is to die for. i couldn’t make fettuccini that is this good. great with salmon mixed in.

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