Trader Joe’s Elote Chopped Salad Kit Reviews

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A complete salad kit, featuring a Vegetable Blend with Cornbread Crouton Crumbles, Cotija Cheese, and a Creamy Elote Style Dressing.

Nutrition: 3/4 cup salad + dressing per serving, and 3.5 servings per container.

70 calories per serving of just the salad, and 160 calories per serving with the salad and dressing.


15 reviews for Trader Joe’s Elote Chopped Salad Kit Reviews

  1. Anonymous

    I LOVED this salad!❤️

  2. Anonymous

    I loved this one. Hope they keep it around!

  3. Danielle

    Salad was good! I thought the dressing was a little too mayo-y, but it wasn’t a problem. I cooked up the TJs breaded chicken tenders and tossed them in with the salad for a quick lunch.

  4. Angela H

    Loved this one! I hope they keep it around – although did not have it last time I was in TJs.

  5. Jean

    Amusing that it .listed at 3.5 servings …how about 1 serving !!
    Was tasty , although I wish it had more dressing as I like my salads “wet”. I topped it with a small piece of chicken breast that I seasoned with Elite seasoning and quickly.seared in my grill pan till it reached 165°.

  6. Anonymous

    Not good at all. The flavor palette is not elote at all and the dressing is grossly mayonaise-y

  7. Anonymous

    Im obsessed. One of my new favorite lunches. I hate mayo and didnt think the dressing was too mayo-y. I am fingers crossed that they keep it on the shelves!

  8. Amber V

    My entire family loved it. Kids were sad there was no leftovers. We added an extra can of corn to pump up the volume and corn. Sooo good

  9. Katey

    Dressing very mayo-y and sweet, with a touch of stale paprika. Cornbread crumbles could be sold as breakfast cereal- way too sweet. Was glad to see dried corn kernels, which are not mentioned on the packaging, because I thought it seemed a bit silly to sell an “Elote” salad with no corn in it! Will not finish this package (I will eat the rest of the greens with a different dressing) and would not buy again.

  10. Anonymous

    I LOVE this salad, I hope they keep it forever! I literally eat 3 bags of it each week. I would agree that it does not taste very Elote-ish….the creamy sauce and crumbles don’t have any spice heat, but the flavors are still delicious. It’s kind of like a crunchy, creamy salad. Sometimes I sprinkle the Elote seasoning on top for more kick. The greens are always super crunchy and yummy. Love this stuff.

  11. Violet

    If you’re looking for flavorful and you love elote, this isn’t for you. The flavors don’t conjure up any elote memories at all. Even throwing in some canned corn doesn’t bring the elote vibes. What it is however, is a perfectly respectable bland bagged salad. I wouldn’t go out of my way for this but it’s edible.

  12. Anonymous

    My family loves this salad! It may not be authentic “elote”, but it is definitely flavorful and more filling than your average salad kit. I hope Trader Joe’s continues to carry it!

  13. Anonymous

    The flavor was unexpected but I LOVED it! It was crunchy, tangy, savory, and a little sweet. I ate the entire bag for dinner! I hope this one stays a regular.

  14. C.S.

    Crunchy, tangy, some sweet, and the corn just took it over the top. I hope they keep this one for a while.

  15. Caroline

    LOVE!!!! Easily top 3 salad mixes. More-elote inspired and I wish it were more spicy than sweet, but delicious nonetheless.
    It has been gone for a few weeks and I am devastated. PLEASE bring it back.

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