Trader Joe’s Dynamo With Calcium Reviews

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6 reviews for Trader Joe’s Dynamo With Calcium Reviews

  1. Eileen Togashi

    I love this Calcium Dynamo and I cannot find it anymore :(.
    If Trader Joe’s has discontinued it, please bring it back. It was very popular and very nutritious!!!!!

  2. msami

    the same here I wish they return it I sent feedback to them, try to do the same thing

  3. Max

    Bring this drink back please!!!#

  4. John

    I would be more likely to shop at Trader Joe’s if they brought Dynamo with Calcium back!

  5. Maxwell Hunter

    Great drink! Didn’t realize it was gone.

  6. Sharon Daniels

    Please please please reconsider bringing Dynamo back to Trader Joes….My family has been drinking it since the early days (late 1960/early 1970)….Great Grandma, Grandma, mom (me) and my daughters. Come to think about it even Great Great Grandma . If I can remember correctly, Costa Mesa, CA….or close by maybe New Port Beach or Laguna Beach. We are now in Dayton, Nevada – which we shop in Carson City or Reno Trader Joe’s. It’s funny – we always considered Dynamo GOLD and value it. Thank you again for your consideration.


    Ps. Just wanted to mentioned, back in 1990’s, I moved to Elk Grove, CA and no Trader Joe’s to be had. Whenever a family member came to visit they would bring me cases of Dynamo. LOL

    ALSO, I still have an unopened bottle from 1996 – which is in the dark brown glass bottle. Which will never be opened in memory of my Grandma , Marion.

    Thank you for hearing me.

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