Trader Joe’s Drive Thru Red Ale Reviews

(5 customer reviews)

Dry hopped red ale, 7.2% alcohol by volume.


5 reviews for Trader Joe’s Drive Thru Red Ale Reviews

  1. BJ Grogan

    This ale is wonderful. It’s dry and crisp, so if you like that you will love this. The 7.2% alcohol is maybe a little much, but I can’t taste it. I like this ale. Got coupons?

  2. Aaron in Portland

    Tasty, and the price is right.

  3. SG in SF

    My favourite! Smooth, but crisp and refreshing with good caramelization. Much better than many pricier beers.

  4. Deb Martin

    Drive Thru Red is some of the best beer I’ve had…freakin delicious!

  5. RAY

    I really like this, hoppy but not too much, it drinks way too easy! I also like the Boatswain IPA’s a lot, all of them. Ten thumbs up!

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