Trader Joe’s Dark Chocolate Nibs Reviews

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2 reviews for Trader Joe’s Dark Chocolate Nibs Reviews

  1. Nell

    I love dark chocolate, but I always feel guilty buying those large bars (well, I wouldn’t feel guilty if I didn’t eat the whole thing within a day or two). So, I was thrilled to try these dark chocolate nibs. Only one calorie apiece! So even a handful of 25 or more is nothing to worry about. And, most important, the nibs taste delicious. Plus the little tin is small enough to throw in my pocket for a quick chocolate rush (and no melting candy) while I’m on a hike. I’ll be stocking up on these for sure. Highly recommended.

  2. Nurlailah

    I’ve made this with varying lelevs of success thanks (no thanks!) to my crappy Hamilton Beach blender. The other day I tried it with an immersion blender and wow! It went super smooth almost instantly! I reduced the amount of water and put all the ingredients in the plastic cup that came with my immersion blender. A few seconds later, when it was super smooth (I was *shocked*! I’ve let the same mixture run in my regular blender for five minutes and it still came out chunky), and then poured it over ice in my regular blender to make a milkshake-ish drink. Dee-licious!

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